Drop of a Hat

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
I'm in that stage of pregnancy where I can cry at the drop of a hat. You too? And you're not even pregnant? Ya...

Which reminds me of the time I was on tour with the Young Ambassadors--I think we were in Sacramento, performing at Great America, and I was so insanely exhausted it was a crime. I thought I was pretty funny when I said, during Green Room, "Nobody drop their hats at the end of Kansas City (one of the dance numbers where we threw our hats up in the air at the end) because I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat." 

I guess you had to be there. 

So what does crying at the drop of a hat have anything to do with this post? I don't know. I have monkey mind and pregnant brain. 

Maybe I'm saying that if you come to the concert THIS THURSDAY, you might have the honor of seeing me cry. And the honor of having your photo taken by Justin Hackworth. And the honor of eating Chick-Fil-A. And the honor of hearing some of the most incredible voices you've ever heard. This is not a joke. 

Please come. And please just show up at the door with any donation amount and join us. I'm not going to turn anyone away. 

And please don't wear hats--and especially don't drop them. 

Until then, enjoy these photos of what we've been up to lately. Can't wait to see you Thursday at the Historic Murray Theatre at 7:30!!

Monkeying around the house.

Cuteness and a half...

Spring Thaw!

City Creek Opening Night gala the night before the shops officially opened. I cared way more about the food than I did the shopping. We were invited as members of the "press/media". Which I guess means they wanted me to tell you to go to City Creek--like you weren't planning on it already. But really, its neat. The part I like most is that you don't feel like you are in Utah. 

They did a spectacular job with the gala event. There was delicious food and drink on every corner. Even in most stores. They had live music in every pocket of the shopping center--it was fun because I knew most of them. And of course they were wonderful. It was a fun evening with my hubby. But I was anxious to get out of my fish nets and heels and put my feet up. (Earlier that day I was at the private breakfast at Tiffany's...it was a long day). 

See that plaque on the floor behind Vic? It's a map of old Salt Lake City proper. With just downtown, temple square, etc. We stood there for a long time listening to Steven Sharp Nelson play the Cello.  You know, the guy from Cello Wars? He is phenomenal. So passionate about his music. At one point, he played, "Nearer my God to Thee" and Vic and I tried really hard to manage the lumps in our throats. When the song finished, I looked down and noticed the plaque on the floor beneath my feet. I was standing directly on the Salt Lake City Cemetery where Lucy is buried. I had to smile through my tears. 

I also got to meet a darling blog reader, Gretchen (you better be at the concert!). I love it when I meet blog readers. 

I better start getting my brain together for the fireside I'm doing tonight in Midway. Sometimes I have to tell myself, "Oh ya, I'm having a baby in 9 weeks...I guess I should sit down."

I'll leave you with these two videos--I'm not sure who is more talented here...


  1. Is that you I hear singing "Set Fire to the Rain" in the background? Because I love it!!

  2. 1. i am pregnant and i cry when watching CARS and Luigi masters the pit stop. oh my gosh what is wrong with me.

    2. what is it about kids in christmas pjs? i make my kids wear theirs to bed every night because it makes me love them more.

    3. the most talent in those videos was hands down- YOU singing adells song, which i love, and i love even more when you sing it. rock on sistah.

    4. wish i could come.

  3. In the burrito baby video... love that you are singing Set Fire to the Rain by Adele... I am loving that song these days.

    Amazing that Peter is kind of in panic mode until he realizes that Vic is not worried at all... Vic's voice of calm makes the whole thing better for Peter.

    Simple pleasures... I love them!


  4. Even if I had never met you guys I would know that Vic is an incredible Dad. He radiates that in the pictures with your kids.

    They actually did a breakfast at Tiffany's? How cool is that and how cool are you for being invited!


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