Does Your Husband Dress You?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For our date night last weekend, I told Vic he could pick out anything he wanted me to wear. It would take a while to explain, so I'll just say that this gesture means a lot to him.You know how it goes--you ask your husband an opinion about which option of clothing is cuter and you go with the opposite of what he says--because of course that is the more fashionable choice and you just had to test it out on his male fashion eye. Am I right? 

Seriously, if I'm wearing something Vic doesn't like, I will inevitably get dozens of compliments on it from my lady friends. 

So back to the point, this is the outfit he came up with. It wasn't bad. Really. I just didn't feel quite like my true self. However, I would gladly trade "not feeling like myself" for more moments of Vic feeling giddy about dressing me. He was beaming all night. 

So next time we have a dinner date to Cafe Rio for 30 minutes and then grab a movie at Red Box, and I know the chances of me running into anyone are slim, I'll willingly let him pick my outfit out for me. (He doesn't need to know I calculated those details when I made the offer).


  1. I think Vic did a very good job!


  2. ps. YOU would look darn cute in just about anything.

  3. Except now Vic knows your calculations. You look good.

  4. You do look pretty cute~ Let's hope he doesn't read your blog!!

  5. I think he did a good job, you look so cute! My husband is very fashion conscious, he's really very good at shopping with me and for me. He loves shopping for our daughter too, especially if we are looking at hats! My friends can't believe he is like this, you wouldn't think he was if you saw him!

  6. What if Vic reads this post and starts playing mind games with you?... like choosing the outfit he doesn't like--and tells you on purpose that he likes that one, knowing that you would choose the opposite...
    Guys can be clever. Ben did that with me... ;)

  7. This post made me laugh for two reasons. 1. One of the biggest arguments that Perry and I have ever had were over a pair of shoes that I loved and that he thought were hideous (got so many compliments for them) and 2. My dad is color-blind, and he ALWAYS has my mom put his outfits together (I got to do it if Mom was out of town - I loved it). The hilarious thing was that I remember so many times walking past Mom and Dad's room on a Sunday morning and hearing, "Deb, are you sure these match?" Ha!


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