Breakfast at Tiffany's--not just the song

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I was invited to attend a private breakfast yesterday morning for the opening of the first Tiffany & Co. jewelry store in Utah--at the new City Creek Shopping Center. I took my personal paparazzi with me--the talented Carrie Butler

Other than being slightly under dressed for the event, we had a ball. I've been in love with Tiffany & Co. for as long as I can remember and would frequent the store on 5th Ave. in NYC to visit a friend of mine who worked there. 

But had I ever actually been given my first "blue box"? No. That is, until now! I came home from St. Louis to find a perfect little blue box smiling up at me, tied in a white satin ribbon. Inside was a sterling silver Tiffany Key on a dainty silver chain. I was beaming from head to toe!

I met the VP of the company at the event and I told her about the conversation I'd had with Vic when I opened my gift from Tiffany's. (I never would have guessed my first blue box would be a gift from the company itself and not a man...but hey, I'll take it anyway I can get it).

"My first blue box!" I exclaimed. 

"What is a blue box? What does that mean?" questioned Vic.

"Are you serious? It is a rite of passage in a woman's life. They get their period and then eventually they get a blue box. Those are the two major signs of womanhood!"

She was a little taken back by my boldness, but she loved it. Don't be surprised if you see it as their next ad campaign. 

The salespeople were extremely polished but friendly and personable. The store layout and design are breathtaking, and do I need to tell you how fabulous their jewelry is? They set the standard for all jewelers world-wide. My wedding ring was copied from one of their designs...Vic made sure of that. And I made sure to make it very clear that that was what I wanted. (Subsequently, our bedroom is also painted Tiffany Blue).

Stop by the store next time you are downtown SLC. It's a real "gem". 

P.S. Don't forget to come to my benefit concert. Don't forget to spread the word around your blog and facebook and twitter! You will love it. I prom dress. Please come! If a $20 ticket is too much for your budget, just show up at the door and make a donation. I want you there! Families need you there. You will be happy you got out of the house. You will meet great people...

And did I tell you CHICK-FIL-A is sponsoring the event? You will have all the chicken you can handle!!


  1. I would be like Vic... blue box? From where? But I have never been around a Tiffany's I know what one is... Thanks to Newt Gingrich and the news media logging the blue boxes that Callista receives. (*Ü*) I guess I am not your typical girl... but I am very happy that you loved it!!!!

    GO Chick-fil-A!!!!


  2. you are hott. that is all. girl crush.

  3. lucky you! I love Tiffany's. I'm not a jewelry buff, but when I was in L.A. a few years ago I went into the Tiffany's in Beverly Hills with some friends. Rather than ignore the girl with only one ring and no other jewelery on, the sales people were great, and offered to let me try on the most gorgeous and expensive bracelet I've ever seen. From that point on, I can honestly say I wouldn't mind a little blue box, either. :)And all their diamonds are conflict-free, so that is also awesome.


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