Take Them Off My Hands...

Saturday, February 25, 2012
For Sale:

Circa 1970's Applause (model number AA14-1) guitar in great condition with genuine leather adjustable strap--


You know you've always wanted to learn to play the guitar. 

Rocking Chair, red bookcase, crib, dresser, lamp, diaper holder, crib bedding including valance, crib skirt, bumper, and quilt. 

Rocker- $60
Red Bookcase- $30
Bedding Set including lamp-$65

Crib tent not included. (or singing Louie Armstrong frog holding a rose)

Bumper rarely used--in EXCELLENT condition

Crib skirt never used (thus the wrinkles)

Not pictured: valance for window which has sailboats on it matching the quilt and bumper. 

Email me at: mollymjackson@gmail.com if interested. 


P.S. The red bookcase and dresser were mine as a little girl. You'd be getting a piece of my family history. Just sayin'. (I know you're excited now). 


  1. I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar! I would take it off your hands in a heartbeat but I live in Las Vegas :)

  2. I really wanted the singing Louis Armstrong frog. Thanks for ruining my day, Molly.

  3. Is that red bookcase taken? If not, I need it. It's darling and the perfect excuse to meet your cute self in person!
    E-mail me if it's still available: missabbya@gmail.com.

  4. I have a singing Louis Armstrong frog! My hubby gave it to be for my 16th birthday (he was not my hubby back then ;) ) I just thought you should know that our frogs are twins, but mine has been played so much his voice is even more crackly ;)

  5. I would snatch up that red bookcase in a heartbeat, but am out here on the central coast of California and won't be in Park City until November :(.

  6. I have a proposition for you, if your items are still for sale.

    I will gladly pay you, give you, your asking price, if you, would be willing to donate all the items to a woman’s shelter, to those women that are making the transition, of leaving the shelter and moving into their own home, with their children.

    I have a friend, (please know, I don’t use that word lightly, the word friend is a sacred word to me) not an acquaintance, but a friend, that spends three days a week, volunteering her time, at a single women’s shelter, that allows children. I came to understand that, not every women’s shelter, has accommodations for children. My friend, educated me, as to the tremendous challenges, faced by single women with children, as they transition, out of the shelter, back into the community, into their own home. They have little to nothing.

    Me and my incredible special need little girl, Savannah, reside with in a small community, located in Washington.

    I donate my Savannah’s entire, darling and gently used wardrobe, as she, grows from size to size, to a local, single women’s shelter, that accommodates children.

    So, there you have my proposition and my agenda, for making such a proposition.

    If you feel comfortable in accepting my proposition, contact me and inform me of the quickest, surest way to logistically, pay you.


    Ken and my angel Savannah


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