The Schizophrentic Vacation

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hot and Sunny
Cold and Rainy

Happy and Rested
Exhausted and Grumpy

Mouth-watering Thai food and happiness

Smooth flight
Bumpy flight

Incredible behavior
Tantrum 2012

Seeing old friends
Meeting new ones

....and so much more. 

Many thanks to Cathy for hosting us, as always, and Paul and Kristyn for the fun double-date dance night, putting up with Peter and showing us the sights of San Louis Obispo. 

Overall, it was WONDERFUL! 

Highlights: -Santa Monica Pier on my birthday. It was truly a magical day. Peter loved it! The rides, the arcade, playing in the ocean for over an hour in his diaper. He was enthralled. It was one of those perfect days that will go down in the books.

-Thai food at my fav place in Malibu. PREGNANT CRAVING DREAM COME TRUE!

-Braving Disneyland in the cold and wet the day after throwing up ALL DAY (and all night for Vic). We did it! And we enjoyed it despite being dehydrated and still recovering from a NASTY bug.

-Deciding to pack Peter's bike in our big suitcase and seeing him ride it on the boardwalk and around West L.A.

-Trader Joe's

-Seeing Vic's brother and his wife and watching the boy cousins duke it out.

-Taking our crib tent with us and putting it over the pack n play. Best sleep we've ever had on vacation!

-Meeting Abbey, a FABULOUS, lovable, adorable, wise blog reader who brought me lunch and took us to the airport. (Plus, she's Jewish so I automatically was in love. I've said before, I have a thing for Jewish people). She could use any and all support and love, if you feel so inclined to click on her blog. She is a lovely, lovely soul.

-The tacky Madonna Inn. Loved it.

-Gumball Alley

-Seeing the same steel drummer on the pier who was playing music during THIS VIDEO of Lucy. People must wonder what is wrong with me and Vic when we are smiling at each other and crying at the same time at the most random moments. Like walking into Disneyland and on the Peter Pan ride...

-Valentine's Dance and getting to hear Lea Cabrera Hubbard sing and see her cuteness!


  1. Thanks for the Shout Out. This is the first photo I have seen of myself in 7 months. Yikes! I loved meeting you all and I LOVE the wet diaper at the beach photo. So cute!

  2. My grandma lives right down the street from the Madonna Inn. I have had at least 30 of those pink cakes in my lifetime and patterned my wedding cake after it (off-white, though, not pink!) We love how tacky and peptobismally it all is and go every time we are town. That vacay looked RAD!

  3. Awww loving the bump, you look so well x

  4. You are such a cute prego woman! Pregnancy hormones can be a beast anytime, let alone when there is so much deeper emotions in the running as well! I'm so excited for you guys and the new little girl that is joining your family! I worried when I had my son after losing Caydin that I would handle, everything, wrong! But, each little spirit is their own, and I think these little ones that come to us broken moms are extra special and help us heal! Thinking of you!

  5. Seriously, Molly, you are the most beautiful pregnant lady I have ever seen! Lovin the bump, and hope these last few months of preggo-ness treat you well :)

  6. We TOTALLY got that "California" bug, too!!! I was going to warn you of it! Luckily we got it AFTER Disneyland; poor Kaia had it on the plane from LAX-HNL :-( just awful. Glad you still had a good time! Sorry I missed you by a few short days!

  7. Love all the pictures--your new camera is treating you well. Glad you were able to get away.


  8. Looks like a fun vacation! If you have a minute - tell me your favorite menu items for the Thai place. They have a location about 15 minutes away from us. I'd love to try it out.


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