On Being a Small Person

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My hands are so small that I can't keep bangles on my wrists. Someone should make child-size bangles. It's not so much the size of my wrists, as it is my hands. They just aren't wide enough to keep those darling, diverse, wonderful staple of a wardrobe item on my arm. They literally slide right off.  

I have to sit so close to the steering wheel when I drive in order to reach the pedals, that the steering wheel rubs up against my belly when I make turns. Something akin to rope burn. 

We have at least three step stools in our house. Kitchen, my closet, and a free floater for every other room. 

Vic bought me a collapsable and more portable stool to take to places such as the movie theatre (would it be appropriate to take to the temple?), concerts, etc. I sometimes stack hymn books under my feet at church. 

Even sitting on an airplane, my feet dangle in the air and my back can never get a rest!

Reaching to the backseat of the car to help Peter with something is sheer torture. I just can't reach. He's gotten pretty good at catching things and I don't think I've ever hit him in the face while throwing back a sippy or snack. Knock on wood. (Not to mention it just isn't safe and I shouldn't be doing it anyway, unless I have pulled to the side of the road). 

In all seriousness, I asked the Motherhood Maternity store if they had a "kids section". Everything is too long. It took me a moment to realize what I had said. The look on the clerk's face was priceless. 

I can't reach my babies/children when they are in their cribs. I should have Vic take a photo of me from behind while trying to reach down and pick up this new little girl (once she arrives)--I am more or less upside down with my feet dangling in the air. 

Do I burn more calories when I run because of how many more steps/rotations I have to make in order to go the same distance as a taller person?

Most people who read my blog and meet me in real life comment on my size. 

All 7 of the Beehive girls (ages 12-14) whom I teach at church are taller than me and wear a bigger sized shoe. 

Peter is over half my height. 

I once searched the entire outlet mall in Park City for a white button up shirt and a pair of heels and couldn't find anything in my size. THE WHOLE MALL! One employee suggested GAP Kids but they weren't carrying white button-ups at the time. 

80% of my clothes are hand-me-downs or garage sales. No joke. The accidental shrinkage factor that happens when clothes are dried has proven to be a great blessing in my life. "This shrunk and no longer fits me, I thought it would be perfect for you..." I LOVE and LIVE for hand-me-downs. (And stores with petite sections). 

My just-turned 8 yr. old niece loves to wear my shoes when we're together. She inherited a pair from me. (That I inherited from my sister. Again--hand-me-downs). 

This makes me wonder two things: Will I be this small again after little girl is born? And how old will Peter be when he surpasses me in size? Seven years old? 

While being "small" is nice in so many ways, people don't realize how frustrating it can be when it comes to clothing, doing everyday chores, and random other things. Maybe that's why I love my super tall friends--we can relate on opposite ends of the spectrum. And for some reason, women in Park City are super tall. 

What challenges do you face being the size that you are? It is strange for me to even call myself "small" (especially while pregnant...when I'm clearly NOT), because of my past history with eating disorders--which I want to blog more about soon. 


  1. I have one daughter plagued with this very problem in the clothing department. She wears a size 5 shoe... but many times gets children's shoes and clothes. She wears a size 3 ring. My niece that was 3 years old has the same size fingers. There should be petite and mini-petite.

    I can imagine how close you are to the steering wheel... because after my Celestial drives... it is as far forward as it goes. I am not tall myself... but there is no way I can get in the car with the seat that far forward.

    They really should do something about bangles... and bracelets in general... seriously?

    Hang in there shorty... I mean tiny... *Ü*


  2. I am fairly tall (5'8"), but I have a very small bone structure. I have the same problems with bangles and rings; my wedding ring is a size 4. I don't know if my body isn't proportioned like the rest of the world, but finding shirts that are long enough or dresses that fit me right...it just doesn't happen. And boots! I have yet to find a pair of boots small enough for my calves. I'm telling you, they're gonna have to be custom made.

    And normally this isn't a problem, but now that I'm pregnant...and probably TMI, but whatever. I have yet to find a store that makes a size 32 D bra. It doesn't exist. So I wear 34s and 36s that just don't fit. Clothes just don't fit right. So I feel your pain, but a little differently.

    At least I can reach the kitchen cabinets (totally said in a teasing voice).

  3. I bought pants from Crew Cuts the other day. They come with an adjustable waist--you know the kind with buttons on the inside so you can grow with them. Yep. J.Crew has confirmed that I have the body of a 14 year old. At least you have the bossom of a grown woman :)

  4. I thought I was short at 5'2", but I think you've got me beat. There are some things I like and some things I don't like about it. When I was pregnant, I had a lot of pain in my ribs for the last month or so, and that was my chief complaint.

    My sister's foot is as big as a smallish hand. She wears a 5, but it's a little big. And she has a heck of a time finding shoes, often shopping in the kids' section.


  5. I can imagine. I am 5'3 and it is hard. I have step stools everywhere too and one of those reached/ grabber sticks for stuff that is still too way up for me.

  6. I think we need some facts and figues Molly. How tall/short? Shoe size etc
    I am 5'8" and sometimes I feel like I am the leader from the land of giants people are so small around me. I live in Sydney just now and there is a big asian community who are like dolls against my massive frame!

  7. I'm short too, I think you have me beat though. I remember when I was pregnant with my second baby and we were shopping for a bigger car a cousin said to try out their explorer. I pulled the seat all the way forward and my feet couldn't feel any part of the pedals whatsoever! everyone thought I must have done it wrong but I was just to short to even reach them.
    Be careful of your back as you get your cute ones our of the crib, I ruined mine :)
    here's a link to hemming jeans http://www.naptimecrafters.com/2010/08/jean-hemming.html changed my life!!!!
    I just love your blog, I feel like I can survive through anything when I read it, it is "hope smiling brightly"

  8. I have a different but similarly frustrating problem--I'm right on the cusp between normal-size and plus-size clothes. A lot of the more stylish clothing chains don't carry sizes big enough, and stores like Lane Bryant start at a size larger than me. And my size is always the first to sell out at middle-of-the-road joints like Old Navy. I really hate the way women's clothes are sized in general--why can't we just use across-the-board measurements like men do?!

  9. I am small too. Finding clothing that fits but is appropriate for my age has been a problem for me. And we have a number of stepstools too. Once, at the store (this past Halloween, actually), the one item I needed was on the very top shelf. Fortunately, there was a lady in the aisle with me who seemed to be about seven feet tall and she just reached up and grabbed it. I felt like a little kid.

  10. I love how big your personality! My daughter just turned 12 and wears a size 6T!!! (my 9yr is 2.5in taller than her and my 7yr old is only about 2in shorter than her) She struggles because no one is ever right on her age, people talk to her like a little kid, people want to carry her, NO name brand clothes for preteen fit her... the list goes on. The first day of middle school she came home with a bruised eye from being smacked in the face with a binder that someone was holding walking down the hall. BUT she has a huge heart, big personality, and loves being little. i always remind her (I am 5'8" my hubby is 6'3") heels are so fun and she will never have to be worried about being taller than boys. I also remind her what a bummer it would be to be that little and be a boy ;) I love seeing her figure life out and make things work in her favor (ie. unloading dishwasher because she has to drag stool around so, I end up taking over) and most of all the best things come in little packages!

  11. the only problem I have with my size is that I have to wear deoderant in my cleavage. Now my husband would tell you it's not a problem at all though, hehehe. Oh the things we will admit to strangers :)

  12. I feel your pain, Molly. A lot of my Activity Day girls are passing me up. The only time I feel a little bit taller is when I stand next to my mom (4'11") or my 18 year old niece (4'10"). I find that the Gap short length jeans fit me the best when it comes to length, everything else I have to hem.
    On another note, you look amazing!

  13. I'm small too and all of these problems are my problems, too. My feet don't even touch the floor in our truck.

  14. So, how tall are you? Or is that an annoying question? It used to be an annoying question for me, because boys in high school used to ask me that all the time. I'm tall. I've always been in the back row -- class pictures, choirs, etc. I'm 5' 10 (& a half...)". I don't feel like I tower over most people anymore, although I'm sure I do. I think I have finally come to terms with it. I am feeling extra large these days, though, with a baby due the first week of May. Tall and wide!

  15. Oh my goodness, you just described me exactly! I used to hate being short but now I don't mind. :)

  16. I am just shy of 6 feet tall. And, it. sucks. Well most of the time. It is nice reaching the top shelf. But bending over to look at the bottom shelf isn't always fun. That's a long way down. Haha!

    And good luck finding long clothes. In fact, my sister (who is maybe a quarter inch shorter) were in Old Navy yesterday and we were discussing how cute this dress would be if we were normal sized. LOL. I'd have to say at least with being short you can hem some things and make adjustments. There is no adding fabric to make it fit.

    Why are the tall, larger jeans on the bottom? Shouldn't they be up top and the size 0 short jeans be on the bottom? LOL.

    So to be average would be wonderful. ;)

  17. First time commenting here! I have the exact opposite problem. I am 6' 1". For most of my life I felt very manly. And called myself a football linebacker because that is how I felt compared to all the other girls. Growing in right outside of rexburg, Idaho there were not many places to shop so I wore guys pants cause they were long enough. I wear a 36 inseam on my pants. My brother who is 6'7" wears a 34 inseam. I wore capris way before they were in style. Luckily I am okay with my height these days. Especially when I can find long pants. I love your blog and look forward to every post!

  18. LOL!! This is my own life right here, written in your words. I'm 5'1", less than 100 pounds, size 5 shoe. I wear a size A bra. Once when bra shopping, the lady told me to "go look in the girl's section!" Really?! What 30-year-old woman wants to shop for a bra in the girl's section?! The worst is when I'm pregnant because there are two, TWO, stores that sell extra-small maternity clothes, and one of them I can't afford. Really?! Why doesn't Motherhood Maternity carry XS? And my husband looks like a clown when he gets into the car to drive when I forget to slide the seat back! But being petite is fun, too! But that's a comment for another day! My mom always said, "Good things come in small packages!" And I couldn't agree more!!

  19. How tall are you?

    I am 5 foot even but a bigger build. And over weight. Even when I am smaller, I will never find cute black boots that will cover my calves. I am overly well endowed. Trying to find a bra that's not the same price as a mortgage payment is horrible.

    Oh I could go on and on. Embrace it. It is who you are.

  20. You crack me up!! I can't imagine being anyone's size but my own so it is with great empathy that I feel for you and for my daughter-in-law who is 4'11" tall (short?). It is kinda funny to watch her hold my grandson Braxton who will be two in May. I called him big giant baby when he was littler. My husband passed away about a year before Braxton was born. I like to think that my husband was up in heaven picking out this huge baby for them saying "Oh, send them that one. He will grow tall like me!!" My husband was 6'4" tall!! I guess in the end it doesn't matter how tall or short someone is. You are tall in my book because you have stood very tall through your trials and you seem like a very upbeat, friendly, and kind person. Take care and have a great day today.

  21. Yeah, Molly, what are your measurements these days? (when you're not preggo) so we can be sending you our shrunken gems! It's funny, I had a conversation with Melissa about how I've always been tall (6') but I don't CONSIDER myself tall (sorry, no italics on my phone-capitalization will have to do) at least not around other people. Until I see pictures of myself with others. But you are too funny, stacking hymn books! For me, (just one example) the top of my refrigerator gets cleaned quite often; because I can see it and it drives me crazy! Thanks for the laughs. Maybe you can invent the cribside "doggy door"...reach in, slide her out... Hahaha


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