February Films

Friday, February 3, 2012
In years past, I've done a little thing I called "February Films". Each Friday in February (or whenever I feel like it), I post a little ditty of our family. I'm not sure how many people out there would really care about these, but I know Peter's cousins will appreciate them, as will his Grandparents. 

First up: A Peter Parade. 

This boy loves to be in charge. At our recent dance parties, he insists on us following him in a marching Lost Boys pattern akin to "We're Following the Leader". And we have to be in a certain order. Vic following Peter, and Mommy at the tail. 


  1. Hi Molly, I read your blog and LOVE it so much. I am not sure how I came across it but it is so uplifting and you and your husband are such an inspiration. I am writting to you today because I have also been reading another blog that has a horrific story. Since you live in Utah, you may or may not have heard of this family, but they were in a car accident on Christmas Eve that took the life of one of their beautiful little boys. My heart broke for them as she recounted the details of this accident. She is still in a wheelchair and actually just left the hospital for the first time a few days ago. She mentioned that she was now trying to figure out how to pay for hospital bills and among other things, her baby's headstone. I know you have helped others in the past and just thought maybe if I passed along her information you could help direct her and maybe your organization could help with this cost that no parent should have to worry about. Please keep blogging and doing what you do. You change lives. You have changed mine.
    Thank you,
    Melissa Barton
    The blog is Packoffixations.blogspot.com

  2. Well it was a huge hit with the cousins of course! I thought Melissa's comment above was really sweet and so thoughtful. It looks like on the Pack's facebook page a man by the name of Chris Severe has offered to donate the headstone. I guess he has a monument company? How very very generous!


    "Chris Sever I own a monument business and I would be happy to offer a marker for him at no charge if the family is in need. You can contact me here if it's something they want but take your time, there is no rush, the offer is there."

  3. I love this little video of Peter. I can just envision him making sure you were all lined up right and pushing you to the right position if you were not.

  4. What about his Aunts and Uncles?! Its so cute! He is having fun!


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