Unitards--Movie Premiere Giveaway

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
I was contacted by Excel Entertainment and asked if I'd like to attend the premiere of their new movie, "Unitards". The description of the film had me definitely interested...

UNITARDS has been honored at every film festival to which it’s been selected and has earned nine awards. This film is based on the actual experiences of Sam Featherstone—the actor playing Lewis Grady.

In the film, Lewis Grady (Sam Featherstone) just won the student-body elections at Skyline High School, and Vice Principal Spooner (Michael Buster) has big plans for the goof-off high school senior.

Charged with the difficult challenge of bringing school spirit back to Skyline, Lewis teams up with his two odd-ball friends (Jamison Featherstone and Zack Spurlock) to change the school forever. And they have the perfect way to do it: a guys-only dance team called the UNITARDS. 

Director, writer and producer Scott Featherstone broke almost every rule of filmmaking in UNITARDS —he self-funded the project, used “real” kids rather than actors, went into production just as the economy turned downward and shot a film requiring nearly fifty tracks of music. More than 90% of the cast was selected from an open audition at Skyline High School.


Maybe it is just the former class officer geek inside of me, or the dancer, but I thought the film looked cute. It is something I would approve of my teenage daughter seeing. In fact, I might take a few of my teenage girlfriends from Park City with me to the premier. They'd love it. Wouldn't your daughters like it? Probably so. 

If you'd like to win two free tickets to the movie premiere on Wednesday, January 25th at Jordan Commons, please leave a comment telling me your geekiest attribute. (Mine is currently wearing old glasses held together with superglue--when I take out my contacts at night to read or first thing in the morning. Sweet. I dream of getting Lasik one day). 

Giveaway will close this Thursday, January 19th, and the winner announced Friday, January 20th. Hope to see you there!


  1. Pick me, pick me.

    My inner geek is screaming "I can't dance" while really trying to remember if I can remember every move to the electric slide. And then I wonder if they use that dance in the movie.

    Definitely looks like a fun watch
    and I would love to take some of my dancing fools for daughters to the premiere.

  2. Oh. My. Heck. I wish I could enter in this giveaway because it looks completely hilarious. Do I still have to tell you my geekiest attribute since I'm not entering the contest? Actually it's pretty easy: I play the bassoon.

    Beat that!

  3. Here it is: I secretly memorize random license plates of cars in front of me. Just in case- you know- the cops might need it.

  4. I wear a fanny pack when I visit Disneyworld. No, I'm serious. I really do. It's the only thing that fits my needs....a bag attached to my body that won't fly off on the rides. Try it, it works!

    Plus, who do you really see at Disneyworld that will ever see you again? Geek it up!

  5. In high school I decorated my locker with paraphernalia from Deseret Book. I went through a zealot phase. (this isn't even admitting to the cool kind of geeky--I should definitely win!)

  6. I love dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. They are so much tastier than the plain kinds. Plus I get to make attempts of what the names are of them.

  7. How fun-I grew up with the older featherstone and spurlock boys and I love seeing my olds stomping grounds on film (not to mention I recognize a handful of those guys from my Athletic Training days at Skyline). I wish I could fly in to see it, but alas I cannot. Hmmm...my geeky attribute...I get excited when I hear a train or a fire engine whether or not Rulan is in the car with me...is that a geek thing or a mom thing?
    Have fun going to the premiere and let me know how it is!
    Love ya Molly!

  8. When I was in jr high, my best friend and I threw a book of mormon scripture reading party for all our friends! Now, I love the scriptures.....but really? We were weird. I'm slightly embarrassed we did that.

  9. I'm kinda wanting to see this...but not enough to get on a plane and come to Utah. Have fun!

  10. My inner geek is reminding me of the time in high school I actually forgot to wear a bra and had gym that day! Yes, my mom really did bring me my bra in a lunch bag! Ha! Beat that wanna be geeks! :)

  11. The inner geek inside of me is reminding me of the time in high school when I forgot to wear a bra and had gym that day! Yes, my mom really did bring me my bra in a lunch bag! Beat that wanna be geeks! :)


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