Things That Make me Go... "Wow, I'm Happy."

Thursday, January 5, 2012
There are a few changes I've made in my life recently which have WiLDLY added to my happiness. Some are simple, some are big, all are significant. I'm going to tell you about them. 

First up. I accidentally started doing something that has changed my life.  --I don't wash my face before bed-- Are your ears turned up? Did you hear that? I used to suffer from severe going to bed routine denial and hatred. It just took way too long! Due to my first trimester insanity, I just couldn't muster the energy to take out my contacts, brush my teeth, wash my face, put on moisturizer, eye cream, say my prayers, put Vaseline in my nose (ummm...ya, it's really dry here. I've done this since I was 14. No more bloody noses for me. And don't ever ask to borrow my tub of Vaseline when you come over), get in my jammies, take off my bra, blah, blah, blahlistgoeson. 

So I just stopped. Yes, I take out my contacts and brush my teeth, and then I'm done. I even keep my mascara on. AND I LOVE IT. It's changed my life. Being too dramatic about this? Not really. Vic doesn't have to wait 4 years for me to get into bed anymore. And the most surprising thing is that my skin has not suffered one bit. In fact, it feels and looks even better. My sister always tells me the best thing to do for our bad Bice skin is to be gentle and consistent. So I consistently don't wash it at night. What could be more gentle than that? Hmmm....?

Number two, Covergirl & Olay makeup. What's it called? I don't know. You know, with the white swirlys in it? The point is that I love it. My friend, Rachael, turned me onto it and its a dream. I put on a very small amount (sometimes only in certain areas, almost like a concealer) and use a light amount of my BareMinerals on top. Amazeballs. I've avoided liquidy type foundation for years, but this stuff is a dream. My skin felt a little dry with BareMinerals alone.

Simply Ageless--That's it!

Up next, Peter's crib tent. OH, ya. (said like "Vector" from Despicable Me--a must see). 

Fourthly, (wow, that really is a word. And why wouldn't it be? I don't know, you just don't hear it often), Vic gave me a mudroom for Christmas. Building permit, contracted it out, the works. It's already half-way done. (Luckily we had the perfect space in our garage for such a project). No more bags, shoes, coats, or crap in the entry way of my kitchen. Happiness! And bonusly (not a word), our coat closet will be turned into a pantry. 

Numero cinco--People, it has been WELL INTO THE 50's in Park City for over a week. I'm not talking about someones age or an era of time involving poodle skirts. I'm talking scientifical farenheit warm stuff. We have no snow! The sun has been shining everyday and the skies are blue. Stop the insanity! It makes me wonder about the ski resorts and the economy (Sundance Film Festival starts in a week or so)...but I'm thrilled beyond thrillage. 

Number six (times seven!)--Peter started pre-school today. Peter started gymnastics yesterday. This mommy has a calendar on her fridge and has a schedule. Who am I?? I love it. It has been so much better for me than my usual fly by the seat of my pants modus operandi.

NYC "Showtime" mascara from the Wal-Mart for $3. A few people on the blog and in real life have asked me about my eyelashes. That's one thing I've been blessed with--they are long and real and curly (but not dark). I love this mascara. Works like a charm. 

And lastly--the 2nd trimester. Thank you, sweet mercy from heaven above. Oh, and my adjustment to the Zoloft. Oh, and I'm getting more sleep. Oh, and the 12-14 yr. old girls I teach at church. Oh, and our regular babysitter, Kara, who is a dreamboat. 

I'm so thankful for this respite! Trying to live in the moment and aware of the present moment. Not dwell on the past, not live in the future. Brighten someone's day each day, because what else is there, really? 

Oh, and I'm happy I just finished my 30 Days of Thanks. 


Playing at the park with Mommy in the amazing January weather! (Look at me, I'm getting old. I'd like an eye lift, straighter teeth, and a nose job. I would).

First day of gymnastics! (He was nuts).

First school lunch that mommy has ever packed. I felt like a real mom! It was crazy. I loved it. And it made me ache for Lucy. 

First day of pre-school! (He'll be going one day a week).

Must remember when the hard times hit again that "This too shall pass." 

AND I FORGOT TO MENTION THE BEST THING OF ALL! I celebrated Peter's first day of pre-school by going on a 3 mile run with my old running partner, Becca, who is in town from Pittsburgh. It was wonderful!! I love running. I really, really do. I'll post pregnancy pics soon. I'm almost halfway. 


  1. I've followed your blog for about a year now and never commented. But I can't help myself with this one! It makes me so happy to hear that you are happy. I lost my father a few months ago, and I get stuck wonderig when I'll measure how happy I am by how sad I'm not. Seeing you smiling with your beautiful son, talking about living in the present blessed moment gives me hope that I can be honestly really happy, too. Thank you! I can't wait to hear you speak and meet you in person at the April Conference for Intermountain Donor Services. You are so hopeful and humble! Thank you!

  2. I loved your post... WOW I am happy for you. Loved the makeup tips. With mineral make up alone I was dry too... I love the creamy Almay Smart Shade... but have always been interested in the CoverGirl/Olay 'white swirl' stuff. (see I don't know the name either)

    Glad you are having fun with Peter and running... almost 1/2 way... you amaze me.


  3. Oh happiness :) I needed to hear the bright side of life today. It's been 7 weeks since my twins died and I have some good days, but lots of bad days. Yesterday was a bad day and today some things have helped to pull me out of the funk I'm in, your post was like the cherry on top! :D I've been reading your blog for a while and I love it. Thank you so much for sharing everything- the good and the bad with us. Can't wait to see pregnant pictures!

  4. Love this times a million.

    Thank you for the make-up tips, SERIOUSLY. I can't ever find foundation I like. I'mma try this.

  5. I too HATE how long it takes me to get ready for bed, it's not fair that I start my routine before my husband, and yet he still finishes before I do. Sometimes I will do my routine early, then put my glasses on and go hang out for another hour before going to bed.

    I love the picture of the lunch you packed for Peter, cute lunchbox!

  6. Wow... Love it! All of it! I NEVER wash my face! It's crazy when I tell people that because I do have great skin!! They never believe me! Peter looks like he loved gymnastics! Good for you Molly~ here's a tip from me... write notes on index cards and put in the tiny snack size baggie to put in lunch box! Dino stickers, car stickers and an I love you ~ on them would delight Peter at lunch time, and they are reusable!! Just trade them out and surprise him at lunch! Happy New Year~

  7. You kill me! I love your blog. I have been an avid blog "stalker" and FB stalker ( probably wondered who the he** is this person that wants to"friend' me... I just love your openness and honesty. It is so refreshing and helps so many of us moms realize we are not alone in wanting to climb off the crazy train sometimes. :) I am the mom of 7 boys and your posts
    have on so many occasions helped me to appreciate my children and love on them a little bit more and to not sweat the small stuff. PS. Congrats on the new mud room...I love mine. Us Utards need those, ex....7 back packs,, 7 jackets, 7 pairs of snow boots, blah blahbity blah....

    You are awesome!

    Linda Smith

  8. I have never before admitted that I do NOTHING before bed. No washing. Often no changing. Flopping is about it. My secret is out! Love that someone else is the same!

  9. Molly, we are all so glad to hear that your glad! You deserve sunny days. and preschool, and great make-up and a wonderful family.

  10. Yeah - I'm a non-face washer before bed too, and I honestly believe it does good things for my skin. I will have to try the vaseline thing though - I miss humidity. Oh and love the comment on Vector. Despicable Me is Finn's favorite movie, and he giggles like a maniac when Vector does his "Oh Yeah." Should we meet up again sometime, ask him what a minion says :) PS... "amazeballs" I thought Perry was the only person who says that. Haha.

  11. If you're ever in the Phoenix area look me up and bring that cute boy to a gymnastics class with me! Katie'sGymBugs on facebook. Oh how I would love to meet you in person! You are so real and so inspiring!

  12. I've never washed my face either....Sometimes though I feel like I just *can't* sleep in the days "crack-filler" so I've just recently started using a baby wipe to clean my face at night(as I'm sitting in bed, LOL). Hey, maybe it'll keep my face as smooth as a babies bottom!


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