The Power of Kindness

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Just a quick note to document what a great morning I've had. 

I dropped Peter off at a play group run by a sassy woman in our ward (we often commiserate at church about how difficult it is to be so sassy and mischievous), who speaks Spanish for the entire 3 hours the kids are there. I love this sassy El Salvadorian woman. 

Next up was my workout at the Rec Center. They let me in for free just because they all know me and like me. I didn't have to use one of Vic's punch passes. Thank you! That was so nice and it made me feel special. It's fun to be the only pregnant woman in the weight room. 

After my workout, I made some quick stops at a few shops in search of a cute wreath for my front door. Anyone have suggestions or links to something? I was also on the hunt for cute Valentine's Day decor. I have none and have been wanting some for years. It's such a great little holiday and so close to my birthday. It seems only right to decorate. 

Then I received a call telling me our new blinds (plantation shutters) have arrived and will be installed this weekend. Oh, I'm so excited. I have hope the new blinds will motivate us to get more house projects finished. It sent a burst of positive energy into my veins. 

I then stopped at Great Harvest with the sole purpose of getting a free sample. The woman behind the counter was extremely friendly and sent me home with a free loaf of bread! (She must have felt sorry for the short, disheveled pregnant woman in workout clothes coming into the store asking for a free sample). How kind!

When I got in my car, George Michael was playing on the radio. This is where I proudly confess that I love him with all my heart and soul. Always have, always will. My love for his music runs mighty deep. 

As I happily listened to Georgey and sang along, I thought of how many acts of kindness were bestowed upon me in the few short hours since I've been awake. I find it miraculous. What a powerful way to influence the world. This kindness will trickle down to Peter and Vic today, which will make them happy, and who knows how many more people Vic and Peter will be kind to because of my enabled kindness from friends and strangers. 

What a lovely gift. 


  1. holy cow. I need to move to Park City. haha I feel like the majority of people are naturally kind...or at least it is suppose to be that way! What a great morning you had!

  2. I just checked in on you, and I LOVE THIS. (and I am sure *I* love G.M. way more than you possibly ever could... :> ) We just took our kids to Disney World for the first time, and my husband & I both thought it was the perfect trip - mainly because everyone at Disney was so kind. You are right - it matters, and it trickles down. Have a wonderful rest of the day!

  3. Random act of kindness= love! Check out the wreath Stephanie made and posted on her blog! Love it!

  4. What a great reminder! It isnt hard to be kind and it makes everyone's day brighter. I think your fantastic, by the way :)

  5. Kindness is the perfect gift... and it doesn't cost a dime. *Ü*


  6. Gifts of the heart...Gifts of kindness... Can't live without them...whether the giver or the recipient!!!

  7. You get what you give and you deserve to have kindness come your way. Thanks for being so kind to me when I am sure I freaked you out talking to you at the Juicy Berry on Sat. night. It was great to meet you and your husband!


  8. Love this post. Love your blog. Love what you've done to help other grieving families. Anyhoo, I've felt the crafting bug lately- specifically wreath making. I just finished a fabulous heart wreath made of felt (lots of cut out circles& pinning). My next project is a st patty/spring wreath made out of spray painted (avocado green) pecans hot glued to a foam wreath that has been covered in muslin. Sounds really weird and slightly hideous, but it will be darling (hope so anyway). I'm sure you can find similar ideas on pinterest, but I just googled it. Good luck! You will love your shutters!

  9. I freaking LOVE George Michael too!!! So glad he made it through that pneumonia bout!

  10. I love those kind of days. I found this cute paper heart wreath that I'd like to make. Check it out!

  11. Thanks for the reminder to open my eyes to the kindness all around. I so want my kids to be aware and look for ways to be kind everyday--if I teach them nothing else.


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