Have you ever Stolen from your In-Laws?

Monday, January 30, 2012
My sister-in-law, Kristyn (married to Vic's brother) is a talented runner and inspiration to me. As a couple, they are excellent at doing two things (among others) that are key to happiness:

Working hard and having fun. 

This is the couple who, for the ward trunk or treat, brought an actual DOOR with a working doorbell  to the church parking lot. Needless to say, they won the prize for best trunk or treat. 

So I'm not ashamed to say that I completely, entirely, unabashedly, whole-heartedly STOLE their idea to do a 5 month 5K. (Kristyn is due a few weeks before me--also with a girl). 

I invited a handful of friends and 4 of them showed up in winter running gear to brave the 3.2 mile run in the bitter cold. It was 4 degrees when I woke up Saturday morning. By 10 a.m. it had warmed up to 12 and when the race started at 11 I think it was around 20 degrees. Park City folk are used to this. And we're tough. 

Vic and I mapped out the route the night before, complete with chalk on the paved trail to signal the turn-around point and short phrases of encouragement. We had water bottles, fruit, and granola bars at the finish line, and of course a ribbon to break. 

I was proud of my time, considering I'm 5 months pregnant, the trail was covered partly in ice, the altitude up here is no joke, and it was freezing outside. (I say this to make myself feel better about how insanely BETTER Kristyn's time was than mine. They live in California--come on! And my tummy is way bigger than hers. Baby has nowhere to go in this little body of mine).

Ok, done justifying .

It was so fun to run with Vic and my supportive and fun friends! Thanks to Vic for staying up late the night before to make the t-shirts. (I may have snuck away telling him I was too exhausted and watched an episode of Downton Abbey).

Sherri and Jane--in their 40's and 50's, respectively, leading the pack the entire race. I'm telling you--tough. 

My fellow Rexburger (grew up in the same ward, took piano from her mother, sang in choir together), Cherie Call Hall, consenting to let me go ahead so I wasn't the last one to cross the finish line. 

9 month 9K anyone?


  1. Seriously.... AMAZING! Go go girl! I will sit here and watch!

  2. You go girl! And I thought I was doing a good job walking a couple of miles in 60 degree weather! Just a note, I have heard more and more was a beautiful place Park City is, one day we may just need to make a road trip up that way....not this time of year but sometime! You are such an encouragement to everyone, thank you! Your friend in East Texas, Pam....and soon to be first time grandmother!

  3. Miss Molly you crazy and amazing woman... what else can I say. I was doing some lite hiking in Zion at Kolob Fingers and with my asthma the altitude change gave me a headache. I love that you take on such challenges. YOU are WONDERFUL!!!!


  4. Love it! Molly -- how can you have the energy to do these things being 5 months pregnant? I swear you amaze me at every turn. I am so happy to hear you are expecting another one! I know you and Vic were looking forward to another baby. Mike and I are expecting our final (this pregnancy sealed the deal for us on that decision :)). Our baby is due in July. I will keep checking in!

    xoxo - Mindy Lilyquist

  5. That is so awesome! Love the shirts!

  6. You do make a very cute pregnant lady...


  7. You so CRAZY! I'm very proud of you. Thanks for inviting us. A few days before your race, I walked half a mile at Basin Rec (instead of my usual mile) 8 months preggo and had to quit because my hips were falling off of me (not in a good way.) Then, my chiropractor injured me so bad I couldn't walk for several days. And I was a single mom all last week and will be all next week! What am I to do?? I wish I had tough Bice genes.

    I LOVE the t-shirts and LOVE the last picture of you. That needs to be in a magazine somewhere. -Rach

  8. So I've totally thought about doing an 8month 8k, but not a 9month 9k. We'll see... :) And there's a huge group from my stake doing the April SoCal Ragnar, and I keep thinking I could be an alternate. Maybe running keeps me distracted from other things? I don't know, but I love it.

    Such a fun post! I'm glad you did it, and your shirts look great! You didn't even talk about the granola bars you brought. I thought that was so great. And you said the nicest things about us! Thanks for the kind words!! So glad you did this Molly, and we're excited to see you guys soon!

  9. most beautiful pregnant jogger ever!!!!!!!


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