Scenes from the Season

Friday, December 30, 2011
Christmas Morning

...opening gifts after church.

A lot of train gifts were involved this year. 

Peter amazed me this year. He was so patient and attentive with all his gifts. And he was interested in all of them. It was so much fun. 

The aftermath. 

The Muppet Movie

Playing with the nativity scene...while naked. 

Father Christmas at This is the Place Heritage Park. Love!

Santa's Reindeer

I looked hot. 

The North Pole Express!

And now we're off to an ugly sweater party to make gingerbread houses and gorge ourselves. I REALLY hope someone brings a big pot of meatballs. It's all I can think about. 


  1. Love the picture of you and Peter looking out the window! Happy New Year Molly!

  2. How funny. I just talked to my mom and she said tonight we're having meatballs. Too bad you're not closer and you could stop by for some, lol!!!

  3. Love the aftermath photo... reminds me when my kids were at home and thinking... what are we going to do with all this garbage???

    I think Mister Peter's hair seems to be getting darker.

    Meatballs. YOU should have been here when I made them... yummy. Here is my post about it... I hope you got some. If not make them for tonight's New Years Eve celebration. (


  4. OMG YOU SAW REINDEER. I'm so jel. So glad you had such a magical December. And Peter is just unlawfully cute in that snowman sweater.

    I hope you got your meatballs! (That's a weird sentence.)

  5. you ALWAYS look hott. with two t's. looks like a dandy Christmas. thanks for blessing my life with your blog :)

  6. I loved the Muppet movie! Yay! Did you guys like it?

  7. Naked nativity is my favorite holiday tradition, for sure.


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