Christmas Thank You Giveaway!

Thursday, December 8, 2011
In an attempt to say THANK YOU to my totally tubular, awesome, gnarly, rad, supportive blog readers, I'm hosting this here giveaway just in time for Christmas. 

In order to enter you must be a follower of my blog. It's the blog you are on right now. It's called HOPE*SMILING*BRIGHTLY

In case you forgot where you were. 

In addition, I run a non-profit organization that is an online support group for loss which also raises money for headstones for children. It's called A GOOD GRIEF

I blog about the death of my daughter. My work toward hope. My good days and bad. My honest feelings. My extremely active son. Running. Performing. Life in Park City. Marriage. And trying to live my life the best I can. And I wouldn't have made it this far without my blog readers. That's the truth. 

So become a follower and spread the good word about the possible winnings and why you read my blog. Post about it on facebook. Blog about it on your own blog. Tweet about it.  (That's 1, 2, 3, 4 chances of winning for you or someone you love who could really use it). 

*NEXT TO YOUR COMMENT, PLEASE WRITE THE NUMBER OF ENTRIES YOU FULFILLED. (For example, if you are already a follower and just left a comment it will say: 
Jenny-1. If you became a new follower, posted about it on facebook, and blogged about it, it will look like this: Emma-3...and then your comment). 

Thank you for your love and support. 

Here is what is included in the giveaway:

Your very own customized chart from i (chart) you. YO DIGGIDY! (I'm fun, remember?)

Two customized t-shirts from

You can print whatever you want on them! Logos, sayings, designs, whatevs!

A $25 Target gift card. Who doesn't love Target? I've had my eye on several skinny belts here! 

And a handmade toddler boy messenger/book bag from Mingon's shop!

I love it all! Isn't it great? 

Thanks for the years of listening to me ramble about my crazy self. As far as I can tell, the well of craziness is bottomless so this blog isn't going anywhere for a while. 

Come and stay a while and share your stories with me. 



Giveaway ends Monday night at midnight. 


  1. Melissa -1
    Woohoo free stuff!
    P.S. I love your blog :)

  2. Sarah- 1
    You've been inspiring me for years and sometimes I forget we have never met in real life!

  3. Alicia-2

    Became an official follower (I know, lame, I should have done it before.) And posted on Facebook.

  4. Cindi - 2
    I follow your blog & I tweeted :-)

  5. Liz - 2. I am already a follower, and I tweeted about you because I lub you. :)

  6. Amy-1

    I have never become a "follower" before! I don't facebook or blog or I would enter more times.

    I told my husband I wanted that family chart when you first posted about it. So cool!

  7. Becca - 1

    I'm a follower! Great giveaway =)

  8. Alyson- 1 Already a follower! Thanks

  9. Megan - 2. I followed (how was I not doing this before?!) and posted on my blog.

    Love everything about this giveaway! I WILL win. (I'm trying positive affirmations.)

  10. Roses are red violets are blue- girl you are awesome put me down for 2 <3 Chantelle :)

  11. Charity - 1
    Became an official follower! Yay! I love your blog and have been reading it for years! :)

  12. Miranda-2! Crossing my fingers! Merry Christmas, Molly!

  13. Charity 2 - Blogged about your blog and the give-a-way. :)

  14. Charity - 4
    Tweeted! :)!/charityvanessa

  15. Rachael- 3. I think you're doing this giveaway just for me, right? I am totally obsessed with these charts and I love all of your giveaway items. Good work. I would've tweeted but I just can't handle another method of social networking.

  16. Kami - 1 : I love what you are doing! You go , girl!

  17. Jennie Martinez- 1 :)
    Your blog is one of my favs, and this giveaway is awesome!

  18. ellen - 1

    your blog is on my A team. :)

  19. Bridget-3
    follower, FB, tweeted
    I've been reading a while now. We both have angels and I appreciate your perspective on life.

    Is there only one winner? Or several - one for each prize?

  20. Heather-1

    Thanks for the chance!


  21. Tamara Love - 1

    You are awesome!! Thank you for sharing your heart with the world, that we all may grow... Love to you and your family this holiday season. (:

  22. Maria-1
    Can I just Say thanks for posting our button on the side of your blog.. means the world to me. Really. Love you!

  23. Juliet -1
    Thanks for all your inspiration Molly! I love your blog!

  24. Kim- 2
    I have a crush on you, that should count for 5 points:) love you


    Tweeted. Blogged. Followed. Facebooked. :)

    Thank you for being simply amazing.

  26. Aubrey-1
    I am a gfc follower
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  27. Amy -3

    Of course I'm a follower! I shared on Facebook and I always love to blog about the wonderful Jackson family and share them with whoever I can.

  28. Annie - 1

    I've read your blog for a couple of years but finally got around to officially following it!

    Totally in love with those iCharts. My Grandma (who we call GranNomi --her name is Naomi) is super into geneology. It would make her cry to receive an iChart.

    Oh, and Target is my weakness!

    Love your blog!

  29. Angela - 2
    I love you!

    That rhymed.

  30. Kristen--2: I'm now a follower and I tweeted about it. :)

  31. Julie- 1

    love Love LOVE your blog! I am a follower!

  32. Kami-1 : Love reading your blog! Your children are beautiful!

  33. Jenny-2
    Love all the cute stuff! Love your blog even more! Love you the Most! (Vic and Peter are in there also, you can fight over who is loved most!)

  34. Amber-4: I'm new to your blog but so far I'm loving it!

    penguinlover_23 at yahoo dot com

  35. Debie 2
    Hi Molly, I am Debie Egley, I am also Amy Saville's mother. you have influanced our lives so well with your blogs, fundraisers and most of all Gabies headstone.thank you. I have invited friends to Hope smiling Brightly, and I face booked it.And I became a folower. Great giveaway.

  36. Becca - 1

    I follow your blog. I always feel inspired to look for the hope and joy in my life when I read your blog!

  37. Hi Molly, I have been "following" your blog for a couple of years now, I tried to click the offical "follower" button and it didn't work. I hope that I can still enter? You have always inspired me to be a better person, a better friend, aunt, daughter, and to never forget that we don't know what anyone is going through at any moment in their life. So
    Rebecca W - 1

  38. Yadira-1 I love your blog its so inspirational. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Great giveaway.

  39. Chole - 3 I just started following your blog, I saw a post on her blog about it and your story has touched me deeply. I have never known the loss of a child but I can only imagine how hard that has been. Thank you for sharing your journey with us

  40. Candace Burch - 1

    I just love your blog & your words of wisdom. Keep your chin up. You & yours deserve all happiness in the world.

  41. Meredith McIlrath-1

    Awesome giveaway! Love it all!

  42. Sara-1
    I follow your blog of course :)

  43. Sara-3
    I blogged about it



  45. Sandra- 1
    I would like to be more, but let's be realistic. I have not touched my blog since spring, and I haven't had time to brush my hair this morning. Oh, and I don't want you to think I just became a follower in the hopes of winning goods. Really, I thought I already was following you. But the goods did make me double check.....just sayin.

  46. Amy-3

    I read your blog because I love you! And you're awesome and inspiring and funny and a true delight.

    I want to win, very much, that beautiful geneology chart. Oh, it's so pretty! And then so much other great stuff on top of it? This is one sweet giveaway!

  47. Wendy-1

    This giveaway is totally rad, but not nearly as rad as you are. I love your blog and think you're amazing!

    I am now an official follower, even though I don't normally do that Google thing.

  48. Diane - 1

    Love your blog, Molly! And I already follow your blog so here's one entry!!

  49. Abby- 3

    I follow you and I tweeted and facebooked this giveaway.

    Love your new haircut, by the way!

  50. Aarean (2)
    I read your blog simply b/c you are NOT boring...and you make me laugh. And I always love a good laugh! I am already a follower and I posted about it on my family blog!

    Oh I hope I win...cuz I would love all of this stuff...what a great giveaway!

  51. Nicole- 2

    hmm I don't see my comment on here that I left yesterday (before midnight...scouts honor!) but I facebooked and became a follower. What an awesome giveaway! And of course, your blog is always entertaining and inspiring!


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