30 Days of Thanks#21--My Magical Powers

Monday, December 12, 2011
A few months ago I said I wished I was pregnant. Then I got pregnant. (Seriously, what was I thinking?) Then I bragged/thanked about Peter taking long naps and not climbing out of his crib. 


That was so funny. 

Who hasn't taken a nap in about three weeks? My little shit. He's insane. You know that's why I'm doing my giveaway, don't you? To get more readers and get sponsors so I can make some money to pay for pre-school. Right? The very cheapest pre-school in Park City is $25/day. (Morning)  Doesn't sound horrible, until you think about it. Like with your math brain.  Someone suggested I put a "donate to my sanity" button on my blog. It's a pretty good idea. I think people assume that because we live in Park City and my husband is an attorney that we have "money." 


( I really do have a machine gun laugh in real life. Really.)

So Vic suggested I blog about how he can't grow hair and needs to make more money.  (But wait, I've blogged for years about how I can't sleep and that hasn't changed). But anyway, I have the uncanny and powerful ability to mention something (complain/whine/brag/beg) on my blog and the situation will change. 

So here goes:

Vic just can't seem to stop balding! What's up with that?
Anyone know of a great job for a Spanish speaking attorney specializing in immigration/adoption/and criminal law who would rather not be an attorney? Loves history, reading, teaching, kids, politics, and religion.
Peter just doesn't nap and I can't seem to convince him he needs quiet time alone.
My mid-wife told me today I need to gain more weight. I KNOW that one will change which leads me to believe my theory about my magical powers. 

Let's hope my magical powers work.

I feel like this blog didn't make very much sense. 


  1. I loved every random word!


  2. Your post made total sense! HAHAHAHAHAHA, I laughed and I LOVED it!

  3. I feel for you on the not napping thing. Three out of four of my kids were horrible nappers. In fact with #4 I broke down and bought a crib tent. I don't know if Peter is still in a crib, but if he is I'd be happy to send you mine! It is seriously a sanity saver. And btw... I loved your post!

  4. It made perfect sense to me--maybe because my toddler also decided to start skipping naps! Luckily, she has been sleeping well the last couple days... there is hope smiling brightly :)
    I LOVE your entries--they reflect many of my thoughts!

  5. It made perfect sense and also made me snort. (Snort trumps machine gun).

    (Also, I'm really happy you're trying to get sponsors for your blog. You give out so much beauty and inspiration; you should get some cha-ching for your trouble.)

  6. Molly nap strikes are THE worst. Ugh. Just so exhausting and then you can't really structure your day. One thing that really helped us establish an afternoon quiet time (aside from straight up punishment for disobeying!) was the use of audiobooks. I'm sure you've probably already considered it but just in case - there are so many to download and you can mix and match on a playlist! Or just get him hooked on one long book. It got us through a long nap strike until Conan magically began taking naps again - now I just put one on every day and then sometimes he naps, sometimes he doesn't but everytime we take a break. As for Vic I believe a sports car or a Fedora are the remedies for balding at this age. :)

  7. My husband was an attorney for three years. I am so glad he got out. It is the best thing he ever did for him and me. They don't tell you when you go to law school that NOBODY likes being an attorney and that most attorneys are poor for about 30 years.

  8. Oh, and I went to a girl's house the other day and she and her hubby had strapped 8x2 boards to the crib...they slid in next to the mattress and came up above the cribwall a couple more feet. She had three and said she may need a couple more. Her crib had walls on 2 sides...now her kid can't get out. Awesome.

  9. My almost 3 year old quit napping 10 days ago when we brought the baby home. Bummer. I so need her to nap. She's driving me crazy. People always think we have a lot of money as well because I'm a doctor. They don't realize that my entire salary goes to student loans and malpractice. I graduated almost ten years ago and maybe in a couple of years I'll break even and be at the Zero mark instead of negative. You made total sense to me!!!

  10. I hate money! Seriously! I have a boy that is CRAZY....he stopped napping at 2. Bring Peter to my house! We have loads of things to keep a non-napping boy busy. Cows, sheep to chase, kitties, haystacks to climb!

  11. I totally understand the ability to mention things and then they happen. With me if I say "never" it eventually happens. But I have to really mean the never when I say it or it does not work. So saying we will never be millonaires just does not cut it. :) Crib tents are a lifesafer I had to use one with my youngest and they are the bomb. Good luck with the nap situation and hopefully pre-school is in your very near future.

  12. I love your posts, and they all make perfect sense to me...what that says about me, I'm not sure, but us girls understand each other, especially Mommies...another one of God's great gifts... :)
    I have been reading your blogs since I saw your story on INSP tv. You are truly an inspiration in a cold cruel world. I wish you the best and I am so impressed with you helping others out of such an impossible situation. Lucy is so proud, I'm sure!!
    Peter is such a cutie!!! I bet you see a lot of Lucy in him, which keeps her near you constantly. As far as naps go, can you just WEAR HIM OUT?!? My almost two year old stopped taking naps abruptly when my second baby came home from the hospital, but if we called it Mommy time-out instead of naps, it made her settle down and be quiet, & sometimes had the added bonus that she would sleep for a lil while...though never long enough! Audio books is a great suggestion, a really long one with a matching picture book is truly a God-send!! We used these for long car rides, too.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy...I am SOOOOO happy for all of you. A baby is such a huge blessing, I know you know that. I pray that all goes tremendously, you feel well and your new baby is healthy and happy. I look forward to all the updates!!
    After a 20-yr military career, my dad was a criminal defense attorney for the first 3 years after law school and the bar exam, hating it the whole time...then he went to work for a fuel transport company and loved it! Maybe Vic could teach at a jr college level...or just practice a different kind of law...(why do they call it practice?!?) Anyway, he just needs to find his niche...he will. Regarding balding...there is no cure, sorry honey, except for shaving his head and insisting he likes it that way! Two of my husband's 7 brothers had to do this, (the last two...maybe their dear Mom's thick hair gene just ran out...come to think of it, my hubby is #6, and getting kinda thin on top....) Oh well, his eyes still sparkle and he still makes me laugh! Vic seems like a really lovable guy, and hair IS overrated!!!!! (Remember when John Gosling had hair implant plug thingys? I felt so sorry for him!!) A great smile and splarkly eyes is all you need, and your guy has 'em!!

    Thank you for your blogs, quick wit and humor. You are truly a blessing!! I pray you had a nice Christmas. Good times are always on the horizon!

    God Bless us, everyone!


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