30 Days of Thanks--I WILL FINISH YOU!

Monday, December 5, 2011
So Peter and I have strep throat. Awesome in a half shell. 

But for my 18th thanks I'd like to say THANK YOU to my blog readers. I mean, who has blog readers like I do? Seriously. The support and advice and love you give me makes me cry as much as my pain because of its beauty. And please don't ever feel like any of your comments or emails are considered crazy. Have you not learned how crazy I am by now? Nothing seems crazy to me. (Except maybe the time I got an email from someone scolding me for releasing balloons on Lucy's death day because it is killing "the animals". That was a good one). 

How do I say "Thanks"? I've tried before and it's never worked because I still feel the gratitude for your awesomeness burning inside of me. So I know it hasn't gotten out. Or maybe it has and it just doubles when I let it out? Is that how it works? 

Either way, I'm announcing a big giveaway on my blog tomorrow and want you to win it for Christmas. Because you deserve it. 

And in case you've been wondering what I've been up to:

My boots don't look very big on him. 

I guess I should start taking pictures of myself this pregnancy. I've had a hard time putting on weight and have felt much more crazy (there's that word again) than pregnant. I'm sure this will change soon enough and I'll be singing a different tune. 


  1. i love the video! my kids have just started doing that too but they call it a monkey phone. silly kids!

    sorry you guys are sick. i hope you have some good meds to help get rid of it quickly!

  2. I love being a reader of yours. And I must say, the thankfulness goes both ways. :)

    Such a cutie, your boy.

  3. Adorablle ... Simply adorable!! Peter would like my telephone song!!! Keep singing - whatever the tune and your heart will be lifted!

  4. OH man...if only I had his hair! Maybe I could shave mine, and have a man sized wig created to mimic his body and color!? Remember, that this too shall pass!

  5. Love the banana phone clip... Peter is adorable.


  6. Peter just gets cuter and cuter! Boots and all.


  7. Peter is just too dang cute! Hope your hanging in there and continuing to feel better everyday.
    Love You!

  8. I can't get enough of his hair! So stinking cute!!

  9. Very cute little banana phone, and monkey sounds included!
    But seriously, you guys should quit playing with your food. It is probably killing animals somewhere.
    I kid. Here's hoping you feel less craziness and more pregnant like.


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