30 Days of Thanks #19-Unexpected Motivation

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

(Nerd bowling a few months ago). 

Did I say I was doing a giveaway yesterday? That was funny. I meant to say I am doing a giveaway THIS WEEK. I didn't mean yesterday. Sorry for the confusion and/or disappointment.  Look for it tomorrow. I promdress. 

Speaking of disappointment, Vic told me yesterday that I'm boring. BORING! It was a shock to my soul. The ultimate offense to a performer. I told him it was like telling an attorney he has a great personality. It just doesn't ring true. Call me dramatic, call me needy, call me high maintenance, but don't call me boring! 
He was laughing so hard at my reaction that surfaced and re-surfaced for hours. It really struck a chord with me and I realized he is right. Since I've been pregnant I've been a bump on a log. Worse than a bump on a log. I also realized I need to prove him wrong. Not for his sake, but for mine. 

So there it is folks, time to step up my game. Time to stop moaning and start living my life again. Label me anything but boring. 

(Peter has been at Vic's parent's house for two days and I've been SO MUCH FUN! Not that I'm asking Vic to notice or comment on it or anything. I'm just so much fun I can't help it! Right, honey? Didn't you love shopping with me yesterday during your lunch break AND last night at the outlet mall? Wasn't I so much fun on the phone today when I told you about my new haircut and Barnes and Noble and meeting one of my blog readers who I love for Red Mango? I was so FUN! Can you handle it???)


  1. HA HA HA HA HA! That is the exact thing I tell Scott when he's in a slump and that is the exact way he reacts. He is also a performer. Hilarious.

  2. Oh You made me laugh so hard Molly!
    You are so dramatic in this entry, I could visualize you talking to Vic It was hilarious!!!
    p.s. love the sandals and white socks combo

  3. You are hilarious... not boring at all. This post did make me wanna see your new haircut though.



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