30 Days of Thanks #9--The Alden Family

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remember how I was without a car all summer? Ya. So we bought a used Lexus RX 300 {Silver with black leather} a few months back. I love it. 

And then we had our Subaru Outback. 

Well...the engine sort of blew up in the Subaru. And the Lexus sort of {totally} got rear-ended 4 days later. 

And there is a family in our ward who owns a very huge and successful company who happens to have a few extra cars in their 25 car garage. 

So they have loaned us their Honda Odyssey mini-van until we figure things out with our cars. I've been driving it for about 2 weeks now. 

I want a mini-van, ya'll. Majorly. I love it. 

I'm thankful to the Alden's for being so very generous. So very kind. So very gracious.  Thankful. 

Do you understand I am constantly asking myself, "How many people does it take for me to live my life?"


  1. A mini van is the way to go with young kids. I have 2 boys and i have an odyssey. Its 4 years old now...but i still love it with all my heart. Probably love it more now than the day i got it!!!! would not want to live without my van! especially in school drop off and pick up. And they have added so many cool features to the new redesigned one this year!

  2. dang, at first i thought you were doing a giveaway for a van when i saw that photo! ;)

    your last line made me laugh because i feel that way, too. we had to go to a doc appt today and i just did NOT want to bother someone to watch our kids AGAIN - so we took 'em all with us - but man i sure am thankful for the people who help us out (too much).

  3. So, I'm all anti-minivan and always saying how I will never have one but really, I know deep down that it's a cover up because those suckers are comfortable! If I drove one, I'd be sold, I just know it.

    All we need is for Subaru to make a minivan and I'll be sold. :)

    BTW... I commented you back on my blog. :)

  4. I have a Honda Odyssey and I'm in love with it, too. I've been driving an Odyssey (we've been through two) for eight years. I hate driving anything else! My husband is appalled that I hate driving his BMW 540i. I tell him it's like driving a tank compared to driving my minivan, even though they are roughly the same length.

    It does take a lot of people to live our lives. That's why we're all here together. :)

  5. I am a proud minivan Mom! It is the absolute best thing to drive with young kiddos. Those who are anti have never driven them and gotten kids in and out of carseats! You will not regret getting one!

  6. Yep total mini van convert too. For me it's all about the automatic sliding doors...if SUV's just made auto sliding doors then they'd be able to go head to head with the minivan. We too bought an Odyssey and it also drives like a dream. Good luck with your car woes.


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