30 Days of Thanks #6-Amazing Neighbors

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
We have some really great neighbors, Barrie and Tamara. They help me with Peter when I'm in a pinch, they have a son close to Peter's age, they have a hot tub, they are kind and friendly, they are clean, they loan us things all the time, and they do free Halloween portraits every year for kids! Every time I leave their house I say, "We have great neighbors." 

Here are the photos of our little Aslan that Barrie took of Peter. He wasn't the most cooperative, but he did well enough. His mane is so reflective of his real mane of hair. Loved it. I suppose Vic and I were "Peter the High King" and "Lucy the Valiant", but it felt a little odd being Peter and Lucy, so we told people we were a Narnian King and Queen. And Aslan was definitely our fearless leader. 

Here are some photos by the fabulous Carrie Butler taken at Justin's By Invitation Only Halloween event. Boy, was I feeling rotten that day. Rotten. But you always feel better when you curl your hair and put on makeup and your crown. It was such a neat event. See more about it HERE.

I have big eyes. Get over it.

Sadly, we didn't get a group shot of the three of us!


  1. Your eyes are beautiful Molly! Peter is adorable in that costume! Love the pictures~ you do have great neighbors!!

    Love your coordinating costumes!! Beautiful family...love!

  3. Love your new header!
    Love your beautiful expressive eyes!(Not meant to sound creepy)
    Love that first photo of you and Vic!

  4. ha ha. I have a blog post called, "I am fat, get over it."

    I love that last photo of you and Vic. Very cool!

  5. That picture of Peter laughing is, quite possibly, the most adorable picture I've ever seen. Seriously. You make cute babies.


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