30 Days of Thanks #4-The People Who Made NYC Possible

Sunday, November 6, 2011
I don't feel like I ever properly thanked everyone who made it possible for me to go to NYC with Rachael last month. And blogging about them probably isn't the most proper way either. But I can at least acknowledge them a bit further:

-Southwest Airlines for the $10 flight (signed up for their credit card in the airport one day. Bonus!)

-Rachael for holding my hand on the plane and talking me through deep breaths and being an amazing travel companion

-My in-laws who watched Peter. !! I mean, for real. How would I live without you? I want to know.

-Annalisa Torres Peterson, who we stayed with the first two nights and who answered all my texts about where to go to buy rain boots, etc. Excellent hostess and human being. 

-Rachael's best friend from Princeton, Lydia Irwin, who took the train from Philly after her medical boards to meet us for the weekend and whose Aunt and Uncle's brownstone we stayed in for three nights. This thing is not to be believed! It's been featured in Architechtural Digest and other magazines. I was in hayday heaven.

-Karyn Mann for hosting a little reunion get together. It was small. And delightful. And I got a free haircut out of it from Jacob's boyfriend who works at a top salon in the city!

That's a wrap.

(The photos from the trip I hadn't posted yet were food related. Which is one of the very best things about life in this day and age. Food. And photos of the house in Brooklyn. So here they are).

The DUTCH in the village for brunch. Don't get me started. I want it right this second. 

Middle Eastern food in Brooklyn with Lydia, whom I LOVE! Don't you love it when you love your friend's friends? We bonded even further one night when Rachael went to see Wicked (I've seen it twice and Lydia had seen it as well. That's the night we went to the piano bar. I felt really bad but I kind of wanted to steal Lydia away from Rachael. I guess we can all be friends. But she's like THE COOLEST!)

By the way, it's a "thai" between Middle Eastern food and Thai food for my all-time favorite food.  Just sayin.

The famous Katz Deli in SoHo. Oh, baby. 

It's plastic food, but it still looks cool.

Thanks for the haircut, Chad! So nice to meet you. 

The famous Paul Canaan (we've got quite the history) and pretty much a sister, Karyn Mann. It's as comfortable and easy as family around them. 

And here's just a snippet of the house. They owned every last square foot of this historic brownstone in Brooklyn Heights. Dreamland!

Our bedroom suite. I wish you could see this whole place!

I am very thankful for these life experiences. I'm thankful I had a girls getaway just in the brink of time before my pregnancy breakdown. I was pregnant while in NYC but didn't know it. I was so cloudy in the head and just not myself. Shaky all the time, restless, emotional. Now I know why. I still loved it, but am glad I didn't know I was pregnant. 


  1. I've been catching up on some blog reading and I just saw your news. Wow! Talk about a wealth of emotion you must be experiencing.

    I'm still a bit bummed I didn't get to meet you on your NYC trip. I think we would have made quite the pair. And I love brownstones. And my name is Molly. :)

    Hoping and praying for a happy and healthy pregnancy, Miss Molly.


  2. A-mazing trip!! Is it wrong that I want to pinterest their entire house???

    Love the new look- thumbs up!

  3. I am so happy to read you are pregnant!

  4. You are so amazing! These pictures are so amazing, I am so happy for you! Keep holding on, he will carry you when it gets to hard!

  5. Thanks for posting those pictures~ beautiful! ( you AND the other things!) What was under those two eggs, BTW?

  6. I hadn't seen the pictures of the house until now, and now I remember why I was in frickin' awe when I was there. Every. square. inch. was beautiful, wasn't it? I suppose you can borrow Lydia (aka Chlamydia, Lidocaine, Myxolydia); she has enough love to go around. She loves you too ;-)


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