30 Days of Thanks #3- Candy

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The taste in my mouth this pregnancy is so nasty and rancid and will not go away no matter what I do. Th only thing that makes me feel better is candy. And I'm not a candy lover. I lean more towards--


Delicious Baked Goods. Don't ever forget it. It's a term I will probably throw out more than a time or two on this blog. 

But DBG's just aren't cutting it. I need good old fashioned candy. Like the nasty stuff--Starbust, (especially the tropical startburst) and Double Bubble classic bubble gum. And smarties. Can't get enough. Who is this person? We've had random bags of candy around our house for literally YEARS. I just don't eat it. We save it for extreme bribes for Peter or  to throw at the Primary Kids at church in a behavior emergency. 

But I've eaten most of it. And it is saving me. I am even keeping stashes on my nightstand. 

I'm thankful for candy. 


  1. P.S. "behavior emergency" is my new favorite term. EVER.

  2. OOOoooo~!!! I looove candy. Seriously. I love all of it. Purple skittles are the BEST. And so are twizzlers pull n peel. My husband hates this love affair of mine! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I kept a stash of jolly ranchers in my purse at all times. Totally helped. Have you heard of preggy pops? or something like that? They are supposed to really help with morning sickness. My sis in law got me the lemon drop kind and they helped!

  3. FYI when I was prego I had fallen so so sick from morning sickness I happened upon prego pops old fashioned hard candy pretty much sums it up when I took them I was all better I asked te doctor why she said when your prego your blood sugar lowers and the candy brings you back to normal and wa la you feel wonderful so candy is great is all I can say

    Heart hugs Ivy

  4. When I was pregnant with my girls, I could only get through the day by eating sweet tarts or spree candies. I also craved lemonade something crazy. Isn't it so funny how our tastes change when we're pregnant. Best wishes to you!

  5. You should try cinnamon gum...it has really worked for me! In fact I swear by it! Good luck!

  6. So I hate candy as well, but I just discovered Starburst "sweet fiesta" which is cherry mango, peach-guava, strawberry-pineapple, and melon-berry. OH MY the cherry mango, and peach-guava are so amazing, and I don't like candy. You must try!


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