30 Days of Thanks #14-Very Part Time Job

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Every Thursday I head to Park City Main Street {one of my favorite spots in PC, not visited often by locals, but when you go, you remember more reasons its fun to live here} to teach dance for 2 hours. I'm actually choreographing Guys and Dolls for the Youtheatre Program at the Egyptian Theatre. 

I love it. I've choreographed and taught for them for years, but I especially appreciate this go-around because it helps me get out of the house and use my mad skillz. I get to be creative, work in a theatre, interact with super talented teens, and move my body. There really isn't a lot of money in theatre, but there is so much satisfaction. {Sounds like my marriage--just kidding}. 

I love getting to know different people in this community. There are so many cool cats that live here. I mean, I teach Eric Heiden's daughter, for Pete's sake. {You know who he is, don't you? A speed skating icon and the most successful Winter Olympian from any Winter Olympics}. And I think the kids like me. And I love teaching. And it just feels good to have moments where you aren't "just a mom". I'm in my element when I'm at the theatre.

I'm really thankful for my super part-time job.


  1. Fun job!! It is my dream to do some community theater! Maybe one day I will be brave enough to audition!

  2. That sounds amazing, really! A little time to go and do your thing ...and help others out too! ( and get paid a little...)


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