30 Days of Thanks #12- The Hackworth's Guest Bed

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

* Photo by Justin Hackworth

The love I have for this girl is never-ending. 

We all know I'm a high maintenance sleeper. So with all the festivities surrounding Vic's grandmother's funeral this past weekend, I sought out extra special treatment in the sleep department. As much as I'm a people person, a social bug, I reach a certain anxious point while trying to parent Peter with a lot of people around. He's so off his schedule and hyped up on sugar and I get a little overwhelmed. 

This past weekend was great, don't get me wrong. But by 7 or 8 pm I was so done. Sleeping accommodations get tricky when all 20+ people in Vic's immediate family are in town. To make a long story short, I stayed at Amy Hackworth's house instead of driving from Utah County back to PC every night.-- Because I would drive hours just to ensure a good night's sleep in my own bed. Anywhoo--

Friends, their guest bed is a slice of heaven. I have not slept that well in years. It was like the old days when Ames and I had sleepovers in Jr. High and highschool. It was so much fun! I was taking out my contacts and using an extra snoopy toothbrush Amy dug out of the boys' closet and she asked if I wanted to join her and Justin for a movie. I was way too tired, though it sounded lovely. "I'm sorry we're not much fun", she said. "Are you kidding?? This is the most fun I've had in ages!" I felt like I could think more clearly taking a step back from Peter and feeling like a teenager again at my best friend's house. 

Sunday morning with  pancakes and great conversation was a dream. Oh, how I need these escapes from everyday life with oldest, dearest friends. 

The sleep I had in that bed will go down in the books. Still can't get over it. 


  1. Come to Sacramento Molly!! We will let you sleep and Vic can too. And I will put my pancakes up against any persons, we are very liberal with the butter around here. :)

  2. OK. Amy needs to share the Ferguson Secret. I remember those fabulous Jr.High/High school sleepovers fondly. Is it the sheets? The fluffy comforter? Or was it the simple comfort of cuddling up after a long day of digging snow caves? Thanks for the memory--love you

  3. Ha! I love this so much, Mol. It was so wonderful to have you come over, SO WONDERFUL and I loved that moment when we were simply going to bed and you said how much fun you were having. Please come back and sleep in our guest bed again! And bring Ashley!

  4. Seriously, how many times did I fall asleep on Amy's bed after school? (oh, that comforter!) The perfectly pleasant afternoon light streaming in through the window; I felt like a blissful kitten... Not enough times, that's for sure!

  5. You might have to check into that bed every once in awhile ...or else find out what mattress she has and get one in your guest bedroom!


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