30 Days of Thanks #11-Thai Food

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You don't understand how much I need Thai food everyday. 

Do I get Japanese and Thai food everyday? No. Is it something I can just whip up in my kitchen? No. When I do get treated to it does my body thank me a million times over? Yes. 

Do I love Thai food more or Japanese food more? Yes. 


  1. I LOVE Thai food, and have been craving it for days. That picture doesn't help! When I was pregnant with Finn, all I wanted was Thai and Japanese food; with Owen it was Thai and Greek food. I hope you're feeling more energized soon and enjoying your pregnancy :)

  2. I love love love Thai food. My husband is a "greasy Chinese" type of guy and I'm trying to convert him because Thai is so much healthier and I like it so much more. Do you like Indian food? I do!


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