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Monday, October 10, 2011
My last post was way too wordy. Sorry about that. Here are some photos of where I stomped around in the city.

I can't remember the name of this park, darn it.

Brooklyn Promenade

So exciting! A Trader Joe's on the UWS. Heaven. 

The subway. A love/hate relationship. 

Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn

The bus. Takes longer than the Subway when traveling far distances. But also lets you see the city. And we needed a rest.

Little Italy. With Big Italians.  

Central Park. I accidentally ran 3 more miles than I was intending to. But I loved every second of it. 

The Village
Old Stomping Grounds. 

Do you love NYC as much as I do? Have you ever been? Are you loving this Fall season as much as I am?


  1. I live in Boston so love doing day trips to the big city. Ahhh...I heart NY.

  2. I am fascinated by NYC... but I have never been. I found a new blog you may like... they live in NYC like some of your friends.

    I have learned about their daughter Piper and her debilitating disease... and I am amazed that she has such a will to fight to live. She has lived for 4 1/2 years...never leaving the hospital.


  3. I'll be there on WEDNESDAYYYYYYYYYYY!

  4. FAVORITE city. I haven't been there since I had kids. Seeing all these pictures sure does pull at the heart-strings....I can't wait to go back again one day. Looks like you had a great time.

  5. Is the last picture a picture of the NYC Temple? I have never been there.

  6. Haven't been yet, but I enjoyed the tour!


  7. Never wanted to go but the fam went a year ago and I'm dying to go back. Wouldn't mind living there if I was single but don't think the "city" is any place to raise a family. LOVED Lombardi's!

  8. Sweet Molly-

    I was at that exact Trader Joes just a couple of weeks ago. Could you still my stink there? I hope so.

    I like NY...a lot.

  9. Dear Molly,

    Molly's is so very close to my apt.



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