An Autumn Respite

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
I'm going to take a break for a minute from blogging about New York. I have one or two more posts about it. {Including the video of me singing at Don't Tell Mama's--just for the halibut} But until then, I wanted to share some beautiful photos of life in Park City this Fall. 

Fall always makes me feel so melancholy. Do you find the change of seasons brings more emotion than usual? I love getting cozy in my house and the incredible smells outside, but I find my heart starts to explode a little more with longing for my Lucy. But it also causes me to slow down and enjoy the blessings in my life--namely, my son and husband. 

I never responded to the post Vic wrote while I was in NYC. So I will say this now: Vic is a wonderful man. There is no doubt about it. We HAVE had a lot of ups and downs, how we have survived this loss is beyond me. Without a doubt, I owe much of my sanity {the little that I do have} to Vic. 

We have a good friend who went through a divorce a few years ago and she said to me, with her darling Japanese accent "Molly, Vic is the greatest guy I know. I tell all my girlfriends that he is the ultimate man and husband. If you ever do anything to lose him, I am going to come and steal him. I am afraid to get married again, I don't trust most men, but Vic-- I would want as my husband in a heartbeat." 

This will stay with me as long as I live. {And I ponder it in the moments I want to wring his neck}

One of the miracles in my life involved with the death of Lucy is the fact that I married Vic. And since we are in a great place in our relationship right now, I am going to go ahead and say all the cheese I want about him. He really IS as wonderful as he sounds. He really does read to me out loud every night for hours sometimes, until I fall asleep. He loves children and treats them as equals like no one I have ever seen. He is tender and kind with his mother. He is patient and level headed and strong. He has a beautiful mind. He is smart and devoted and talented. He is loyal and handsome and sensitive. We are different in so many ways. But together, we work. 

I'm happy and grateful to be struggling through this life with him. 

Peter learned how to use the camera and took this photo of us!

Can you handle the cuteness? This is a hike we do often and it is about a 3 mile loop. Yes, Peter walks the entire thing. Runs, rather. 


  1. I have been soaking in every bit of color from everyone else and their fall posts. (since we don't get that here in southern Nevada). One day I will live where there are seasons... until then I live on borrowed color. Thanks for sharing!!!!


  2. This looks like Pinebrook, no? Or heaven. Where did the fall go? Is it already winter? Love this post. -Rach

  3. I sure do miss Utah in the fall - I am so jealous of your beautiful fall leaves! It feels like the leaves here in Minnesota have gone from green to yellow-brown to dead and on the ground...totally skipping the red stage, with the exception of a minority of trees :( Looks like you are taking advantage of the beautiful scenery with your family!

  4. What a touching tribute to your husband. I imagine that meant very much to him. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow ... your photos show the brilliant colors so well! Our fall in not quite in full bloom yet! Just beautiful!

  6. You are so beautiful.

    That's all for now.

  7. I'm so jelous! I want Autumn! Its still hitting 100 degrees here! And no pretty leaves. :(

  8. Such great words about Vic.

    And is this what fall looks like? It's been so long since I've seen one.


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