Do Yourself a Favor

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My sister sent me a link to this article. 

I really think you should read it. 

I love it with all my heart. These are sentiments I have felt so strongly and they are written and displayed so beautifully and powerfully right HERE. 

I had a great weekend lunching with Mary Poppins (no, really THE Mary Poppins on Broadway), attending the show, spending time with Mr. Jacob ben Widmar (also in Mary Poppins), joining with old friends in my parents mission farewell, gorging on ice cream with the Madsens, and loving Park City. Photos soon to come. And more adventures with Jacob next week. Can't wait. Then it's off to New York.

But for now, please go read THIS.


  1. speechless.

    very thoughtful.

    thank you.


  2. I wanted to cry as I read that story. So well put and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank You!

  3. SO, SO, Beautiful!!! It was just what I needed to hear and a really good reminder. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My goodness it would be a great place to live if people were more sensitive and less judgmental. I really liked that. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Molly, Thank you for sharing this story with us. I can totally relate as well. What a powerful message, indeed.
    xo molly R

  6. Funny, I found this same blog post link earlier today on facebook and posted it to my facebook page. As you said, it's powerful!

  7. Thank you for sharing that wonderful blog post!

  8. That was amazing! I think everyone should read it!


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