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Wednesday, August 17, 2011
My entire family was in town last week. Thus the lack of blogging. My parents are also staying with us for a time before they leave for their mission in Russia. Things have been a little hectic, but good. Peter had a ball with his cousins and I can't say enough good things about the weather in Park City these days.

Peter is starting to talk much more, which I think is as much of a relief to him as it is to us. Also, his cuteness keeps climbing the charts. I didn't think there was a chart big enough to measure his cuteness, but there must be one somewhere. 

You know when your house is so messy that you don't even know where to start? That is how its been with blogging lately. I have so much to share that I am paralyzed and share nothing instead. 

Things like:
-Park City Arts Festival
-Peter, Peter and more Peter
-Thoughts on being 3 years into my loss (Wow. It's hard.)
-Lucy starting Kindergarten if she were alive
-Lucy's Birthday party in June (great photos to share)
-The hard things my friends are going through
-Thoughts and feelings on life 
-Visits from dear friends
-Trying to be better and not bitter
-Still need to buy a car! (We sold my car in APRIL and I have been car-less this whole time! Let's just say that making decisions is not our strong suit as a couple). 
-Should Peter start pre-school? Can I afford it? (That's the real question)
-Starting to teach voice lessons again (let me know if you want any info!)
-Why am I not pregnant yet? And my thoughts on it...
-My love/hate relationship with blogging and how to make more money doing it. But not wanting to do it at the same time. 
-How to generate money on A Good Grief without cluttering it up and losing its classiness with advertisements. So many changes I'd love to make to the site. 
-Articles to write on A Good Grief... and the huge list of families we have on the waiting list. It's time to do another big fundraiser. So many people need help and I want to help them. I have some stuff up my sleeve. If only I had the time and energy to do them all. 
-Oh, and how one blog reader asked me months ago what kind of lipstick I wear and I never answered her? (I've always been a lipliner combined with lipgloss kind of girl. Though, I'd like to try my hand at bright pinks and reds. Lipsticks that is. It seems to be all the rage. In my mind I'm cool enough to pull that off, but in real life I'm not that cool. So anyway, its the standard Wet-n-Wild liner #666 with Victoria's Secret Slice of Heaven Beauty Rush lipgloss)
-And how I've never finished my Frequently Asked Questions section at the top of this blog. Like "What do I do when my friend's child dies?" And, "how has losing a child affected your marriage?" And, "I'm coming to Park City, what is the inside scoop on things I should do?" Someday I might complete this section. Maybe if I was a real blogger. 

That sort of thing. 

I'll be posting more about my family reunion soon. Until then, I'm off to run a few trails, hit the parks, clean my house, bbq on the deck, and soak up the Park City summer. Tonight is the law firm baseball game. Can't wait to sit around and eat stadium food, visit with great people, and not watch a second of baseball. 

Anyone selling their small SUV? 


  1. didn't know they still made wet 'n wild 666! that was my standard for so many years! I feel like i need to go out and buy some right now!

  2. IF anybody mentions Park City... YOU are the person that comes to mind. My daughter and her friend Kate got together with ME for a trip to
    Springville to the ModBod Outlet. Then we headed to the University Mall in Provo.

    Before that Kate's roommate was talking of going to Park City with her Mother for shopping and I mentioned my friend I have never met to Kate. She was like wait a minute... your friend... but you have never met???? How is that possible???? Then a light bulb went on and she knew it had to be a bloggy-buddy. My daughter Yvette always gives me a hard time about people that I communicate with and have not met for real.

    Kate's family has a condo in Park City and one of these days I need to plan a trip and have Kate give me the official tour. I have never been (maybe drove past) but never shopped or hiked or been entertained in Park City. I can't wait for the day.

    I love your 'lip-liner-gloss' thing. I may have to try that. I have been really bad of late. I used to do my lips all of the time and now it's Sundays mostly. I remember Pres. Kimball saying even an old barn needs a new coat of paint now and then... and I realize that it couldn't hurt.


  3. My aunt and uncle just left to be mission presidents in Russia. I wonder if your parents will be in their mission. They are wonderful!

  4. Molly!! I am selling my car!! LOL It's kind of old, though; it's a 2000 Ford Explorer. But it's white with leather interior and bonus, it's an Eddie Bauer edition ;) And speaking of voice you travel for those? I haven't had voice lessons since I was like...16...and maybe that was pretty much like 10 years ago...but I have really wanted to start up again and I know of NO ONE in good old Cache Valley who teaches. However, PC is a few hours away from me...hrrmmm. Anywho, if you want to, email me at!

  5. I would love some information on voice lessons... Thanks!

  6. gosh i love you.

    what are the chances of me getting to meet you in person before i take off to another state? i am guessing that it would take MORE than a miracle. so i am going to comfort myself with the thought that i would probably just get scared instead of saying hi, or it would be on one of my 'no makeup bad hair and horrid outfit days when i didn't even shower', or that i would come up to you and say something really stupid that you would end up blogging about later to make fun of how awkward it was.

    so... yeah. i will just keep blog loving you.

  7. voice lessons would give you $$ to pay for preschool right?


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