There are Only Two Things I'm Afraid Of

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Have you read THIS POST that my husband, Vic, wrote? It is phenomenal. It really is. It blows me away. Especially considering he sat down and wrote it two weeks before Lucy died. We always quote our nephew who, speaking about his fears, admitted that, "Oh ya, I am afraid of loud noises and storms." ( You can read more about it when you click on the link above to the previous blog post Vic wrote)

Well...we've discovered a few things Peter is afraid of.

Dinosaurs and Carousels.

The zoo in Salt Lake has this mechanical dinosaur thing going on. I don't really get it. Apparently, Peter doesn't either. He is so frightened of them. He arches his back and scoots as far back in his stroller as possible. This is humorous to us considering this kid is generally fearless. He is so physically aggressive. But fake dinosaurs? Forget it.

And then we have carousels. Again, fake animals. He refuses to sit atop one of them to spin round and round. We always end up having to sit on the bench. Come on, dude. You might be teased about this by your mother when you are a grown man. You can jump unabashedly into swimming pools, scale large rocks, keep up with the big kids, run as fast as me, approach any stranger, pet dogs, pretend to be Kung Fu Panda, go down (and up) the biggest slide on the playground, and run TOWARD the moose in Park City. But fake animals put you over the edge?

Other than scary fake animals at the zoo, we also enjoyed watching the Bird Show where Peter was chosen to hold out his little hand so a bird could give him a coupon for a free gallon of ice cream. Vic may have been more excited than Peter. 

What are you afraid of?


  1. Oh my what am I afraid of?

    Lots of things...
    black widow spiders
    wild animals (not in cages)
    losing a child
    being on a bridge as it collapses...

    should I go on? Probably not.
    I am not that adventurous at all.
    I keep things as safe as possible.

    I am thinking that Mister Peter is too smart for his own good. He may think that the adults stay clear of riding the animals on the carousel... so maybe there is a reason for that. He probably will grow out of it. I was so happy to see that Mommy Molly was not too adult to just ride her son.


  2. I am a tad phobic of sunburns and my husband is terrified of saran wrap and carolers. He once snuck out a window to avoid some carolers.

  3. the dinosaurs are a joint effort between the zoo and the utah museum of natural history--since it is closed right now as they are building the new building. i was confused too..... :)
    my son is 6 and barely decided carousels are okay. if we rode it, we had to sit in the stationary seats, otherwise no-go.

  4. Mice. The idea that they might run up my pant leg is making me anxious as I type this.

  5. Tiny, tiny spaces & very high places..a little ironic because I love to climb mountains that occasionally have some tiny space to fit thru. Although, I am far less adventurous & a lot more cautious now that I have children.

  6. I'm deathly afraid of heights and steep staircases- I have bad dreams about staircases at least once a month. I'll pick up a spider in my bare hands, chase a snake, and pet a rat, but hyperventilate if someone in a movie is too high.


  7. Mice. I am so afraid of mice. I had a mouse run across my hand in my garage and I haven't been in there since. It has been almost three years. Yes, I said THREE years.

  8. Yeah...Henry doesn't dig the zoo dinos either. ESPECIALLY not T-Rex. Even hearing the T-Rex from a distance freaks my son out.

    We have, however, progressed to actually enjoying the carousel. Wish I could include pictures of a HYSTERICAL Henry writhing on my lap in the peacock bench about six months ago.... So very glad he's grown out of that particular stage.

  9. I am afraid of heights! And of people jumping out of hiding to scare me~YIKES!

  10. My 3-year-old is especially afraid of the spitting dinosaurs at the zoo. She screams and cries every time, but in order to see the whole zoo, you have to go past them.

    I'm terrified of heights. Even thinking about my children near something high freaks me out. We'll NEVER visit the Grand Canyon. They can wait until they are adults to do that. Even then, I'll probably have a heart attack while thinking about it.

    Of course, I guess it's not so much the height itself that I'm afraid of, more the fear of falling.

  11. Santa Clause - even now I hate going to the mall around Christmas. If I get anywhere near a Santa my heart starts racing, my face flushes, and I tear up a little. How the heck this phobia started I have no idea.
    I also have stage fright - which isn't great for a person who loves to sing.
    People who drive and text.
    And ultimately losing people I love.


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