Thursday, August 18, 2011

Community Garden

I've always wanted a garden of my own. Gardening is tricky in Park City, so when we got the opportunity to be involved in a new community garden this year, we jumped at the chance. My little plot is pretty pathetic (the unorganized planting is a long story). BUT... I have learned quite a bit about box gardening and gardening for high altitude/cold mountain climates and am proud to say that Peter and I ate a handful of sweet peas yesterday. {I know, I was eating fresh spinach in APRIL from my sister's garden in St. Louis...}

What I've loved most are the evenings I have spent there alone tilling the earth, working with my hands, getting dirty, using my muscles, breathing in the fresh air, and marveling at where I live. I am so grateful to live in such a great community. I have often had moments at the garden where I felt like I was in a movie--from the outside looking into my life observationally--watching as I pull up in my Subaru, work with the earth, talk to my neighbors, run my trails, and stare at the blue sky. And I think, "This is a good movie. And I'm in it. I'm the star. "

When I'm feeling grateful, when I get out of the house and enjoy the world, it is not uncommon for me to catch myself thinking that even though my daughter died, I have a very wonderful life. Because I do. 


  1. You really do. I often think of something you wrote here once about how your life was hard but wonderful. I feel that way about mine, too (not that I am comparing my burden to yours by any means). I don't know how it works but I have been feeling lately that life is supposed to be hard. Brutal and beautiful.

    My family is joining a community garden too soon (in the mountains!) and now I'm really excited! It sounds magical.

  2. As a kid I would resent the whole gardening/weeding experience... let's face it gardening in Nevada is not great fun.

    But helping my daughter in Logan, UT with her garden was most fun. It does a 'body' good to be outdoors growing things from scratch.

    I can almost smell the fresh air.


  3. My son has been doing this box gardening, too. He loves it!


    PS. The yield has been really good, too.


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