Bike Yer Booty {Off}

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What do you do on perfect summer days in Park City?

You bike to the library. 

Then you bike to the splash pad. 

Then you bike to TJ Max for some shopping. 

Then your parents buy you a balance bike and you figure it out in a day and think you have all the independence in the world. 

Then you bike around the gardens and eat fresh sugar snap peas. 

Then you bike around your favorite park. 
Then your mom buys real biker shorts from pearl izumi to train for a triathalon on her new road bike!

{The bike is mine only temporarily. Our 14 yr. old friend out-grew it. I'm not sure how long I get to use it or what the next step is... But I'm loving it. }


  1. You're super mean for posting all these amazing most-perfect-summer-ever photos. I'm so jealous. But I'll get my revenge...when it's winter in Utah I'm going to comment just to brag about my awesome 80 degree weather here in Cali. (That's right, I went there.)

  2. Love this post Molly! So many fun adventures with your little man (men!). Glad you're enjoying PC. It is lovely up there!

  3. I love that you bought your son a balance bike...(yes, I am an elementary PE teacher) I enjoy your blog immensely...even though we have nothing in common other than grieving the loss of a precious family member, in my case my sister...I feel inspired by your writing. Thank you!


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