What I Didn't Tell You

Friday, July 29, 2011
I left something important out of the anniversary post earlier this week. It goes like this:

We miss Lucy.
We think about her all the time.
I feel like I live in an alternate universe.
We miss her more (what a weak phrase, "miss her") during beautiful celebrations like our anniversary.
So that's how we were feeling, like usual, after our canoe trip.
And that's when we went to the diner and sat down with loud stomachs and eager appetites. 
And that's when our waitress came to our table with a very sweet voice and sincere smile on her face.
And that's when Vic took his eyes from the menu and got an emotional grin on his face.
And that's when he looked at me with wet eyes and smiled then looked back up at her.
And that's when I followed Vic's eyes to her name tag and saw four letters that we love--L U C Y
And that's when the diner host approached our table and we saw his name tag: Petey.
And that's when I remembered {again} that God is aware of us. And that I love my little family. And that its hard, but its worth it.
And when Lucy brought us our check, I told her. And she hugged me. And we cried.

That's what I forgot to tell you.


  1. Awww, your post really got me ... What a blessing that we have to know that the Lord knows us and let us know that He knows us. Thank you for that touching post!

  2. That is so beautiful, Molly. I'm so touched that you got such a powerful reminder of God's love, and of Lucy's love.

    I love how sometimes there are immensely bright rays of light coming through otherwise dark clouds. It is just a little reminder that God is really there behind all that darkness.

  3. That was so powerful to me, I am tearful. Molly, I wish we lived closer, I wish I could meet you. All I want to do is say nothing but a strong hug. Much love to you and Vic.

  4. And then you wrote this and I cried.

    Some times I just want to give Heavenly Father a high five, like "Good work man! That was awesome what you just did."

  5. You must be a very special daughter to our Heavenly Father. He seems to make special efforts to make you and Vic know that he's aware of you. Or maybe it's Lucy behind all of this. Either way, you are greatly blessed and deserving.

  6. and now i'm crying.
    God bless you. I love your honesty. Thanks for sharing with us. What a precious memory.

  7. Wow!

    goosebumps and nothing to say...


  8. HE is so real. Thank you for reminding me.

  9. That is incredible and I am so glad on such a special day you were touched by God, and by Lucy who I have no doubt had a hand in this as well. She knows what you need, and although she can't be physically here is helping the Lord show you she is still with you! You two are incredible, inspirational and such amazing parents!! Hugs, Em

  10. God's tender mercies never cease to amaze me. *hugs*

  11. Perfect synchronicity. Have you read Carol Lynn Pearson's book about that? It used to be "Remember the Butterfly" but the new edition has a different name. I think you would love it.


  12. I love this so much. It really makes me want to try harder at seeing the tender mercies (Heavenly Hugs!) in my own life.

    And I loved when you said that Vic had that "emotional grin on his face", perfect description. And when I read that I realized that I did too. The kind that so often turns into tears. Yup. Me too.

  13. That is AMAZING Molly! God is sending you messages~ true signs of his love!

  14. you have a perfect angel watching out for you!

  15. This is the very first post of yours I've read. Beautiful. Made me cry too.

  16. WOW!!! The Lord acts in mysterious ways. :)

  17. Molly, I love that you share this stuff. Thanks. I haven't read blogs in many many weeks. I've thoroughly enjoyed staying up too late tonight.


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