Summer Snapshots

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This boy loves being busy in the kitchen. It might be time to invest in an apron and chef's hat. 

Just a little outfit he put together himself. That he refused to take off. At all times of the day. Including a trip to the Wal-Mart. 

Peek-a-booing with the strainer... Like ya do. 

This boy loves his "B". {Which is also what Lucy called her blanket}. He's like a little Linus. I don't know what we'd ever do if we lost this thing. might need to send a backup. 

Vic's sister, Joy, was in town from New Mexico. Although Peter and her son Wesley resemble bumper cars on steroids when they are together, they are still sweet boys as evidenced in these photos of Peter giving out hugs at the park. Heart melter. 

A newly discovered pastime. 

Peter's first car wash. 

I love these fantastic lazy days of summer. I love rediscovering Park City this time of year--and doing it with Peter has been even more fun. The two sad things about these photos are 1) The blue crocs given to him for his birthday that he wears EVERYDAY were stolen from the park. Really? 2) There is a little 5 yr-old blonde sister missing from all the photographs. 

More adventures to share. 


  1. Isn't if funny that all kids (an d some adults)love Crocs? Also once kids realize that they get to choose what they want to wear... it can be a 'eyesore' for Mother's.

    I need to spend some time in Park City... other then the drive by.


  2. He is so squeezable. He must know that, passing out all those hugs. If Joy were here I would hug her too.

  3. This little charmer redefines the term cute...he takes it to a whole new level. Always love these photo essays!!!

  4. LOVE all the pictures that recap the summer so far! He's a busy little boy! He's hilarious--he sounds like a good time to be around ;) (does that make sense, or is it my French kicking in?...)

  5. Great shots especially the action photo of jumping on the couch!

  6. What a busy little guy! Love his self-chosen outfits, the action shots, and all of the light you have in your house--gorgeous! Looks like a fantastic summer with lots of adventures...Park City sounds amazing in the summertime!!

  7. That was so great to get to see you guys! I had not realized until we were looking at this again that that was LUKE in the photo of the boys jumping on the couch from the window seal! Was I in the shower?! Too funny! Wesley pointed it out.

    And we loved the new couch too.


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