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Monday, July 11, 2011
*Editor's Note- Diana is one of my heroes. To me, she has been like a pioneer, showing me the way to live after the death of your child. It seems that those among my "angel friends" whose children died under similar circumstances, have an even stronger bond. Diana has been a positive example to me of someone who is "making it". I had no idea of their employment struggles and hope with all my heart that somehow this post will connect her husband with gainful employment! 


My name is Diana Fischer, and I live in Clearfield, Utah.  We met at an Angel get together, not too long after your sweet Lucy passed away.  I instantly felt drawn to you because of our similar situations.  6 years ago this August, my oldest son, Caydin, passed away after choking on bacon while we were camping.  Of course you know, but our stories are very similar.  He was taken by ambulance to Evanston, Wyoming, a 45 minute drive, all while receiving CPR.  They were able to get a heart beat back about 5 minutes outside of Evanston, and at the hospital they worked to stabilize him.  He was then flown to Primary Children's, and we followed in the car, another 1 1/2 hour drive.  He ended up on life support for about 30 hours, but when all his vitals were still failing, we made the decision to take him off, and he passed away at about 4:00 pm on Sunday, August 28, 2005.  He was 2 years-7 months old.  This event obviously changed who I am as a person.  It broadened my view and ideas of life, which was very overwhelming at first!  But, as much pain and heartache that has come because of it, I wouldn't choose to go back to the person I was before.  I wish there was some other way to learn what I have learned, but I have come to accept what has happened as being the plan of a perfect and loving Heavenly Father, even though that doesn't change how much I miss my son!

Caydin was my first and oldest child, but I have 4 other children now that keep me busy!  I love being a mom, and I am also currently back in school at USU online.  I am getting my degree in Family Life Studies, which I am really excited about.  After losing Caydin, it has been a dream of my husband and I to somehow be able to help others.  Whether it is helping them through difficult times like we have experienced, or simply helping them improve their marriage or family life, even if it's good, we just want people to appreciate how important family is.  There were so many things we learned after Caydin passed about how to be better parents, and those regrets with Caydin were really hard.  That was part of the reason we decided to go into this field.  We want to help teach others the basic skills and tools that help make family life run smoother and be more enjoyable, for everyone involved!  But, maybe even most importantly, I wanted to go into this field to learn for myself how to be a better wife/mother to my own family.  If the only person I ever end up helping to become better is myself, it will be SO worth it!!

With four small children, taking on school was not something I had planned, even with my desires to help and become better, but 3 years ago this September, my husband was laid off because of the economy, and he hasn't been able to get a job since.  We looked for a year before deciding we needed to try something different, and he returned to school.  After another year, we decided there was no reason I couldn't go back as well, and so now both my husband and I are in school!  My husband actually decided to change his degree and go into what I was so we could pursue our dreams together!  But, and I have to throw this in there, if anybody who reads this knows of any job leads for a Graphic Designer (which my husband already has a degree and experience in-on the print side, not web), we would love to hear of it!!  Any kind of a job lead for the area of Clearfield (by Layton/Ogden Utah) would also be appreciated!

Molly, you are an amazing person!  I have admired all the things you are doing and have done, and I hope someday to be able to influence and help others the same way you do!  You have so much to give, and so many gifts and talents to share!  While I wish we didn't have such a similar, heartbreaking experience, I'm grateful I got to know you through it and get to walk down this path knowing someone like you!

Diana Fischer



  1. Thank you Diana for sharing your sweet/sad story. Thank you for being an inspiration to Molly and all the Mollys out there. Your boy is a beauty and despite how anxious you must be to reunite with him I'm glad that you have lots of reasons to be here too. You have a beautiful family. God Bless You!

  2. Nice to meet you Diana! I am sorry for your loss of little Mister Caydin. What a cutie-pie!

    Thank heavens for the people we meet along the way that can help us with our trials.


  3. I love the Meet my Reader idea.

    Do you ever post a link to their blog?

    I am thinking miss diana may not have one?

    I do think that she is right on when she talks about what she has learned through the hardships of losing Caydin.

    I feel the same way about a few hard trials I have experienced. Would love to learn the things I did without having to go through the trial but the trial was the only way I was going to learn it.

    I never doubt God's hand in my life anymore. I've learned too many things to doubt that He knows what He is doing.

  4. Thanks for all the nice things said! I do have a family blog at

  5. Diana,
    When I met you at that same Angels gathering you gave me so much hope. You told me it is still hard but it does in fact get better. I had to cling to that many times. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for your strength and hope.


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