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Monday, July 4, 2011


Hi Molly,

I feel like I know you since I've been reading your blog for a few years now. Let me back up though - My name is Rachel and I live in your hometown, Rexburg! We actually share quite a few friends. I love seeing your girls reunion weekend pictures since I'm friendly with Janeese, Mandy, and Marilyn (Julia's mom). Small world huh?

Three and a half years ago (January 2008), my sister lost her baby boy 2 weeks before her due date. It was by far the most devastating and heartbreaking experience of my life. She was going to school out here when it happened, so I was in the room when my sister delivered her baby boy and I discovered first hand why they call these angels stillborn babies. I was the only person besides my sister and her husband who got to hold baby Noah, which is something I will cherish forever. He looked perfect.

Where do you fit in? Well, as you know, I was in a bad place for some time after this. Then a few months later I  heard about a little girl in Utah who was in a coma because of her choking accident. It's a horrible thing to admit, but I almost felt a little better knowing someone else was in the same kind of pain as my family - that not everyone in the world was living life, as if nothing had happened (that was one of the hardest parts for me, that the rest of the world continued). Since I didn't know you, I assumed you had around six kids, and sure you were upset, but you could be distracted from your tragedy by continuing being a mother. My sister didn't have any other children. She was ready to be a mom and it was taken from her. Life just didn't make sense.

Then I found your blog from Janeese's and read Lucy's story. I was in shock. Your life didn't make sense either. I felt like I grieved with you. I cried with you, fell in love with Lucy's bouncy hair and contagious giggle, and smiled all day when I found out you were expecting a new baby. Life went on. That's why I continue to read your blog. To see that life does go on. My sister now has a toddler, Lillia, and is expecting a new baby next fall. Three and a half years ago I never thought I'd see my sister find joy again, but I'm continually thankful for the Lord's Tender Mercies.

 I'm glad that now you know a little bit more about me, since I know so much about you!

- Rachel

(I'm attaching a pic with my sister, her little girl, me and my little boy)


  1. Do you need me to send you that picture again? I noticed it's not showing up. If you need to you can probably just grab a picture off my blog. Thanks for sharing my story!
    -Rachel :o)

  2. I love "meeting" all of your readers. She seems like a sweet girl!


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