Happy Valen-Birth-Aversary!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Vic and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. My parents were kind enough to have a sleepover with Peter so we could enjoy the entire weekend together.

A brilliant idea I stole from my sister is to take turns planning the anniversary. We were pretty thrown off the year Lucy died, as it was our 4th anniversary two days after her funeral. But we are finally back on track and it was my year to plan.

We decided to keep it on the cheap side and just enjoy being together. That's what its all about, isn't it? Once I had things figured out and scheduled, I realized it was very much "my kind of date." It taught me that I really do enjoy being a DOER.

We started things off by using a gift card I received a while back from judging a singing competition at the Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley. (Which was very, very fun) I *almost* changed dinner plans because the gift card was for The Olive Garden. Hold onto your hats, let's not get too fancy. But I have to say, the OG has really treated us right the past few times we've gone. (It seems to be a popular place to receive gift cards to. The past three firesides I've done they have given us gift cards here...). So we went. And we enjoyed it. And it was free. And we were together. So there.

After dinner I took control behind the wheel and drove Vic to the trail head of Ensign Peak. We had a very steep and beautiful sunset hike where we people watched and thoroughly enjoyed the view and the summer night. Perfection. We talked about life before children and what it would be like to live in the Avenues near Lucy's grave.

After dinner we stopped for my favorite treat, Red Mango frozen yogurt, then headed to the beautiful resort town of Park City and stayed in the cool of our basement....it was a sleepover with my best friend and no child to wake me in the 'early' morning. (Peter generally doesn't get up before 8 a.m.).

Saturday morning we piled in the car and headed to a friend's house to pick up their canoe. Vic had no idea where we were going or what we were borrowing. The canoe was pretty obvious once we pulled up, but he still didn't know where I was taking him. A beautiful 45 minute drive later (and coming THIS CLOSE to running out of gas) we arrived at SmithMorehouse. A GORGEOUS mountain lake. (Should have taken more photos!). The day couldn't have been more picturesque. The snow-capped mountains, the red canoe, Vic in his baseball cap, the two of us rowing on the water. It was magical.

We paddled all the way across the lake, Harvard rowing team style, to a waterfall where we got out and explored for a while, soaking in the sunshine and thinking of our rich life, our heartaches and struggles, our relationship. It was healing.

Our final stop was at the Road Island Diner. A historic dining car brought to small town Oakley, UT from Rhode Island. The food wasn't exceptional, but the atmosphere was. We dedicated surprise songs on the miniature juke box at our table and ate more than our share of "death by chocolate" dessert.

It was a lovely weekend spent with a lovely man.

Happy Valen-Birth-Aversary, my love!


  1. Wow! Looks like perfection. I don't know what I'm more jealous of, the gorgeous place you live or your adorableness! Your 7 years of a strong and happy marriage ain't too shabby either. Happy anniversary!!

  2. Great idea - to switch off years. Beautiful pics - Looks like fun! Miss you guys!

  3. Sounds perfect to me. Especially after a TWO-day-vaca with the grandkids... I'm pooped!


  4. We tried switching off years (its been 13 now) but I got tired of being the only one that planned anything. On my years we'd go on a cruise, stay overnight at a resort/spa etc etc. Usually something spectacular. On his years nothing would be planned. Maybe dinner but I'd still have to get the sitter. So I gave up.

  5. You guys are fun. Come to Sacramento. We have rivers and mountains and canoes and the Olive Garden too. And you have friends there that want to hang out!

  6. I truly love simplistic and sweet dates such as these. You both more than deserve it. Kudos, Molly.

  7. What a great weekend! We were just at SmithMorehouse last week, and it was very beautiful! We saw the diner on our way in and out, and I was wondering what it was like! Happy anniversary!

  8. We JUST came home from a trip to Oakley/Smith Morehouse where we canoed and fished...there is not a more beautiful setting for a lake than that one...SO gorgeous and I agree healing!


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