Dirty Rotten

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We had a date night a few weekends ago and got to see my dear friend, Angela Jeffries, star in the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Of course she was fabulous. It doesn't matter what role she plays, Vic cries every single time she steps on stage. In this case, her first song was totally joyful and fun, but the tears came nonetheless. (Angela played Mrs. Darling in Peter Pan with me and will forever be connected to Lucy in our hearts). 

And sometimes, when you stay out too late talking and eating with friends, establishments close and you can't find a restroom. 

And yes, he stopped fighting against it and went for the Matt Lauer look and buzzed his hair. (A sensitive subject in our family. Not the hair, but Matt Lauer. I had "a dream" about him once...)


  1. Too funny. I once told my husband I had a crush on Matt Lauer, and he said "that's okay, I do too!"

  2. Totally understand the Matt Lauer thing! Enough said!!!

  3. Hair. It's overrated. A few years back my hubby buzzed his head... well I did it... he begged. But my daughter threw a fit and he grew it out again. It is the man I am in love with... not his hair.


  4. TMI followed by TMI. LYLAS because you are.

  5. Vic, welcome to the club of those who embrace our near-baldness and buzz it off. It's the only way to go. Also, welcome to the world of those who pee outside. I do it every night that I work.

    - Chris

  6. Boys have it so easy with that convenient pee option.


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