By Invitation Only

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have you heard of By Invitation Only? 

Let me tell you about it.  Better yet, read about it in the Salt Lake Tribune

My best friend started this brilliant business and I get to partake of it each month. In fact, if you come, you'll see me greeting you at the door. 

The food. Oh, the food. The food. The food is amazing. The guest chefs he brings in from across the country and the great state of Utah are fabulous. The atmosphere, the homes where the events are hosted, the featured blows me away each time! 

And if you attend a dinner in the next couple of months, you just might hear me singing as the entertainment for the evening. 

*The photo above was taken at this month's dinner. Dinner guests don't usually pose as wanna be models, but the award-winning photographer  (CARRIE BUTLER) for most of these events happens to be an old roommate of mine who I have a very healthy female crush on. She couldn't resist snapping some photos with the great lighting. Now if I could just stop myself from aging...


  1. The photo is gorgeous... and exactly where do you see that you are aging? You look fit & fabulous!


  2. Molly you are so stunning inside and out. I am thinking maybe you better hit up downeast to be a model for their new fall clothing line:) Looks like you had a fabulous night! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  3. Molly you are so classy and radiant inside and out. I am thinking downeast is gong to be chasing you down to be a model for there new fall clothing line:) Looks like you had a fabulous night! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. I've emailed this information to a couple (actually male/female twins, age 35) who I would consider to be 'foodies', and they are so excited to have something new and exciting to present to their friends. If you meet a 6 foot tall blond haired beauty at the next dinner, that will be my dear friend Kelli, and if she's with an equally stunning even taller man, that's her twin brother Jeff. You'll love them both, as well as their friends!!!
    Thanks so much for the heads up!!!

  5. Hotness. You should wear that when we go to NYC.


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