Winter Wylie Beast

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Back when Pedro had his flowing locks, and the days were cold and bitter, we would venture outside once a day to get out of the house and hope for Spring.

However, the Poop Dog detested when the time came to come inside for lunch and nap time. This kid is extremely adventurous and athletic. Have I told you this? Coordination to the max. I'm talking he runs circles around 4 and 5 year olds. Daredevil. He fears nothing and can climb anything. It is actually quite impressive.

Getting that little fireball of athletic goodness settled down for nap time wore me out more than most of my races. This is the truth. I'll always remember the time my friend came to my front door seconds after I got Peter in his crib for his nap and I was literally panting and out of breath. I held the door opened and smiled under my sweat.

"You OK?"

"Oh, I'm fine. I just put Peter down for his nap..." (Wheeze, wheeze,  pant)

"Ummm...Alrighty then..."

So what you see below is Peter crying out for his freedom, cursing his mother for her restrictive madness, and showing me who's boss.

Heaven help me when he's a teenager.

Yes, he's clinging to the prison door for one last glimpse of sunlight and freedom. Poor baby. 

Thank you for all of the fantastic reader submissions! Wow. You are incredible. Like an edible egg. 


  1. Oh my thats hillarious and you are so in for it when he really thinks he has a say so. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think I have the female version of Peter in my 3 year old daughter. I feel your pain :)

    (Thank your lucky stars that he does at least take a nap- I can't get mine to do that) Usually I begin my mornings saying, "let's get ready to rumble"

  3. Ok....that was hilarious!! I love it!

  4. I've seen that face on at least one million kids. Hugging the prison door...that's original, and adorable!

  5. Oh my gosh, Zoe and I were laughing so hard at this...partly because I just lived through it 20 minutes ago getting Felix down for his nap. Thank goodness for naps. I love when he shuts the door.

  6. Ha! Our children could be twins. Hilarious! Too bad we don't live in PC we could get them to play together and wear each other out. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. thank God i am not alone. i am so glad you got this on tape- and then shared it.


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