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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Did you know I was a nanny for a while when I lived in L.A.? Well, I was. It was an incredible job with an incredible little family. We became thick as thieves and have been in each other's lives since. My gig involved carting the 5th grade twins, Jake and Emma, to and from school, tutoring, guitar lessons, therapy, you name it. We had a blast together. Emma would shower me with her wisdom when Vic and I ran into relationship snags. She's always been far too mature. I adore her.

So when the twins graduated from high school the first weekend of June, of course Cathy flew me out, put me up in her guest house, and paid for my every morsel of food. IT. WAS. A. BLAST! And I always love being introduced as "the Mormon from Utah." Their Jewish friends (and whomever else) always get the biggest kick out of it and have a million questions for me. Makes for great conversation. Truthfully, I thrive off of it. 

The graduation ceremonies were incredible. The private prep schools the kids went to (2 separate schools) were very impressive. I'm so proud of Jake and Emma and can't wait to see what happens as they journey to Goucher (Emma) and University of Indiana (Jake). 

I got to run on the beach every morning, sleep in, go on walks, have lunch with friends, stay up late talking, celebrate with catered parties and great company, shop, shop, shop, and find myself again. The first order of business when I landed and Cathy picked me up in her Porsche Cayenne was to eat at Joan's on Third. (I totally sound like I'm "name dropping" and label dropping in this post. Truth is: I felt like a movie star all five days. That's what being friends with the Ravdins is like. I can't help it! )

 I can't thank Cathy enough for her generosity. It is so enriching to be a part of their lives. I think we learn and gain a lot from each other. 

Cathy and Emma. 

The house in the Palisades where they held Emma's graduation ceremony was fantastic. Look at that  wall/window that opens completely up. I think it may have actually been a garage door of some type. 

I love the simple, functional kitchen with open shelves. So basic and modern. I thought it was genius. A few blocks from the beach at the top of a tree lined hill and down the road from Malibu? Eh..if I must. 

Emma and family friend and actress Elizabeth Rohme.

Jake's graduation the next day. Notice that each student got to pick out what color cap and gown they wanted to wear. It was all about fostering individuality. Those crazy liberal private schools in West L.A.

The after party at Cathy's place. I love her house. I have spent so much time there and can never get enough. The food was out of this world. Pot stickers, spring rolls with peanut sauce, egg rolls...and those were just the starters. All made totally fresh in her kitchen. Bring it. 

Her new dining table I hadn't seen yet-- made from a large piece of driftwood. The silver chairs that surround it had been moved into the front room for additional seating. Her taste is impeccable. Restoration Hardware meets Anthropologie. 

These photos just don't do it justice. And this is only a snippet. I may want her house when I die and go to heaven. If I get in. 

Notice the tree house in the top right of this photo? Vic and I had a candle light dinner in that after he passed the CA bar. You can access it via climbing the tree below (imagine that) or out the balcony of the guest house. Magical. 

My little guest house on the left. We love staying here. It blows my mind every time. 

The late night partiers. 

The team of nannies and tutors who whipped those wild kids into shape the last few years. 

Horrible photo of me below. Somehow my face blew up. 

Running into old friends on 3rd Street Promenade. YES! Brandon is pretty fierce and I wish him well in his pursuit of acting. We were talking about how heavenly Southern California is and his comment was, "It's like vacation on steroids." We were joking here about being able to fit into the same frame in the photo. 

It's always such a great feeling to reunite with the hubster after being gone. And the weather that greeted me in Park City blew me away. Absolutely stunning. Peter was happy to see me for about five minutes and then just wanted cookies. Ah, well. The momster isn't that exciting I guess. I have felt so rejuvenated since I've been home and we have been going on grand adventures together and having loads of fun. He may have wanted cookies, but he got a happier mom instead. 

I'm so glad I was able to get away for a bit and find myself again. Vic was a champ with Peter and my in-laws are the best for taking on the little tornado for a few days as well. Lucky, lucky girl am I.

Sorry my posts have been so picture heavy lately. So much I want to share! I wish I had more photos of Cathy's house. But you probably don't get as excited as I do. Next time we'll do a home tour. 


  1. I know you aren't exactly the tallest girl on the planet but someone should tell your friend he's kind of tall.

  2. I, for one, would love to see more of Cathy's home! Loved what you did post~ it's beautiful! You must be a treasured friend to those kids... um, adults! That's special. So glad you enjoyed a little get away time Molly!

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  4. What do you know, it's true: Molly has had plenty of "Days of Plenty"! St. Louis, L.A., many wonderful friends & a super cute little boy. I am positive Lucy is so happy that her mom is happy. Love you so much!
    -Papa Bice

  5. LOVE the pictures! Love your blog.

  6. I was a nanny in the L.A. area as well! It was a life changing experience for me, surrounded by beauty and abundance in a form I had never before experienced. It changed me forever and gave me permission to live life to the fullest! This post brought back many of my own memories. Please show us more photos of Cathy's house! I can't get enough...honestly!

  7. oh molly i am so happy (and jealous) for you and the fun time you had in cali. i love cathy's house and what great friends they are to you. i hope you are doing well and i think of you often. give peter a hug for me.

  8. I'm so jealous, I would so love to do that too! I only got away for a few hours one day and it was so wonderful! But you're just beaming after your trip! I'm happy for you!!

  9. You captured so much of what I love about living in LA in this post. It will be very difficult for me to leave this city if that day ever comes! (And, to think I came here kicking and screaming!)


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