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Friday, June 17, 2011
I remember now why I live here. I had forgotten. I really had. Now I remember. Oh, man. It is heaven on earth. The smells! The moose living in our backyard! The Sunday drives in the Jeep! The cool breeze. The trails. The blossoms. The sunshine. The green. The BBQs. The running. The parks. The ducks in our pond. I can't get enough. It is so beautiful it makes me want to cry!!!

Every morning Peter runs to the window and says, "Mooossse". We've seen these guys at least once a day everyday for 2 weeks. I think the baby was born while I was in L.A. Vic said the mommy and baby sat on our lawn for a good 4 hours one day. Likely recovering from giving birth. It is quite the sight to see them splashing in the pond and even walking down our street. It's wild to be standing in my bathroom putting on makeup and glance out the window and see them eating our bushes. Breathtaking! 

The three photos below were taken by our next door neighbor and friend, Barry Hill

Along with the moose, this is our backyard right now. (A dreamland for a little boy and a nightmare for a mother...but its beautiful).

And below are some shots from our Sunday drive last weekend. Can I say it again? HEAVEN.

Main Street

The old Miner's Cemetery. It is so beautiful and so fascinating. A little gem hidden away in PC that most people don't know about. Peter hugged and kissed most of the children's headstones. I love that little boy. He turns my heart to pudding. 


  1. What amazing photos to top the wonderful post! I thought of you a couple days ago when my radiologist at the U of U told me that an upcoming bike race (in July) may have some problems... 12 feet of snow still covers the bike route/trail. Wowza! It is beautiful where you are though.


  2. Sigh...I miss PC. Maybe I'll just have to buy a few plane tickets and hop on over for a week.

  3. Oh I so miss Park City summers!!! Thanks for sharing some beautiful pics!

  4. Okay, I'm moving now. You have a BABY MOOSE IN YOUR BACKYARD. I can't even.

  5. I grew up in the Heber area & spent many a days in park city. I love your pics. It makes me miss home so much I could cry! The white barn is an icon up there. I passed by it every week end on my way to ski at 'wolf mountain'...that should tell you how old I am! Thank you for this post.

  6. I love the white barn! Even though I'm native Utahn and have basically lived in the SL valley most of my life, I've only been up to PC twice in my whole life!! The barn was one of my favorite sites! I love moose too; they are my husband's and I's "animal". We saw one on our first date driving up Little Cottonwood Canyon, and then we won one out of a claw machine later that night! We took it for a sign, and they've always held a special place since!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. i LOVE the picture of peter on the paved trail where peter's feet literally do not touch the ground. he's definitely your little angel!

  8. Peter's flying! Liss said it already, but I, too, love the picture of Peter's feet off the ground. It just shows perfectly the boundless energy little kids have and that I covet! You live in a beautiful town and have a beautiful family :)

  9. I just came across your blog and wow have you impacted my life super fast. I just re-learned infant CPR and choking techniques this pass Saturday. And now more than ever am I happy that I did. I just did it for fun and it couldn't hurt. I also am so happy to find out about your work with grief. I wish I had an outlet like that 10 years ago when my father died after a 16 years of illness with Cancer(I was two years old when he was diagnosed). I still grief for him to this day. My entire childhood I was preparing for the end and the grief of that. While also grieving a life I will never have. You seem to have figured out something about it and I plan on reading more to learn. Thank you again for sharing your story and opening your heart to readers.


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