And a Bag of Chips

Monday, May 30, 2011

-Vic turned "not 40" last week. We had many a celebration. (And maybe this was the only candle I could find). 

-I flew to St. Louis with Peter last week and we've been having the time of our lives with my sister and parents in the warm weather. It was 90 degrees today! I purposely got sunburned at the pool this afternoon just to stick it to PC. It's been snowing there all weekend and I've been in what feels like a tropical paradise. I'm a huge fan of St. Louis. Sadly, this means Vic and I were not together on our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday. First time we've ever been apart on such an occasion. 

-Today was a beautiful Memorial Day. The weather, being with family, and hearing Peter say his version of "Lucy" (impossible to put in writing) every time we drive past a cemetery. Somehow he knows. 

-I touchdown in PC for one day and then I'm off to L.A. for five days (completely and totally solo). Yes, I'm chasing the sun. 8 days in St. Louis and 5 days in L.A. That's a long time to be away from my honey bun. And a fantastically long time away from cleaning my house. 

-I wanted to press the "like" button on all the comments on my last blog. They are really great. You are really great. 

-Please take a minute and hop over to A Good Grief and read what might be my favorite post. 

-And please don't tell me it is true, but my jewelry was stolen en route to St. Louis! My favorite Lucy/Peter necklace that was given to me included! American Airlines--not a great experience. I'm trying not to be sick about this. 

There you have it. All that and a bag of chips. 

What you might not be able to handle are the adorable photos of Peter we've taken here. 


  1. I am glad you are getting some time away from the cleaning chores... take good care of yourself. Enjoy!


  2. I thought of you and your little family all weekend. You are one amazing mama :) AND I don't think boys get much cuter than Peter!

  3. Happy Birthday to Vic!

    (and you are too, too kind.)

  4. Sounds like you are having fun in St. Louis & LA has all kinds of fun waiting for you! Loved the recent Good Grief post--it was inspiring & so heartbreakingly beautiful.

    I'm so sad to hear your jewelry was stolen on your way to St. Louis--what?? Like someone got into your bag & took it?? really? WHAT? awful.

    And...Happy Birthday, Vic--love the cake & candle :)

  5. I miss you. Please come home! It's warm here now (sort of.) I cussed in my mind at the sons-of-biscuits who stole your jewelry. If you come home, I'll cuss in real life with you. -R

  6. Ummm....I found my jewelry. Umm...ya.


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