So Long Ski Season

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Though you wouldn't know it from looking out the window (it's puking snow right now), ski season is officially over. Thanks to a very generous birthday gift from a beautiful friend, Vic and I were able to go skiing at PCMR last month. For those of you unfamiliar with ParkCityisms, PCMR is Park City Mountain Resort. It was a gorgeous day and we had impeccable timing meeting up with the Flints. 

The thought was blaring louder than ever in my ears, "I. LOVE. PARK. CITY!! And skiing makes the winters so worth it! I can't believe I live here! I LOVE SKIING!!" (If I'm not dramatic, what am I?)

Of course, that voice has faded into the far recesses of my conscious. Luckily, we're heading to St. Louis this week for some real Spring weather! 


  1. Hi Molly! I've been reading your blog for a few years now, but I have a quick question. It's really random, but I'm wondering what lipstick or lip gloss you wear? I love it!! It looks really pretty on you! Thanks!!

  2. My grandparents live in St. Louis, I wish I was going too!!!

  3. Yay, enjoy St. Louis' beautiful spring weather! I'm from St. Louis, and will actually be heading back this weekend.

  4. This comment has nothing to do with your ski day....just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to you and your husband speak last night in South Jordan. Your talks were uplifting and spiritual and made me evaluate my priorities AGAIN! (I am constantly needing to do this) Your voice was amazing and I loved the songs your sang. Thank you for being so kind when my friend Stacie was speaking with you about her children. You are wonderful and thank you again for taking your time to inspire and teach others.

  5. whatever - you guys will be able to ski in July this year with all that snow. Doesn't Alta still have like 15 feet of base with fresh coming in every day?


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