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Sunday, April 3, 2011
I am feeling some fear and anxiety. My mom was hospitalized this weekend and it is pretty serious. She has a severe case of diverticulitis. Dad and Vic gave her a blessing on Friday. Vic said she didn't look good. She is on oxygen, morphine, ativan, and all sorts of other stuff. Their plans to leave on their mission to Russia in three weeks will have to be put on hold or canceled all together. I am very worried about her. She hasn't responded to the anti-biotics and they had to do a cat scan yesterday. Looks like they will have to perform surgery and she will be in the hospital for several weeks. She is in so much pain. I am going to see her later today.

Peter is almost two. I can scarcely believe it. I need to figure out how to trim his hair today. It is so long it is covering his eyes and I've been addressing the situation by using Lucy's hair bows or putting it in a pony tail so he can see. Vic isn't fond of that remedy so I'm going to have to get out the big guns today and do some cutting.

Spring was here but decided to leave. I woke up to several inches of fresh snow this morning. It is actually quite beautiful. 

I'm not pregnant like I thought. It was so strange, I had a ravenous appetite like never before, was exhausted to the max and even sleeping through the night. I have never been more bloated before. But alas, I started my period. 

The flooded basement is coming along but still mighty stressful. 

Peter and I spent the day at Sugarhouse Park on Friday. It was blissful. After the park we visited Lucy at the cemetery. I never thought I'd say to my child, "Let's go play with your sister", and then drive to a cemetery. I never thought my child would begin learning and be interested in the alphabet because of the letters on headstones. 

I'm not doing great on my theme for the year, "2011--Closer to Heaven." Been struggling. 

Through all of this, I'm quite happy. Just plugging away. Been running more. Want to sign up for a race this summer. 

Have paid for quite a few headstones recently. What a wonderful feeling.


  1. Molly, I am sorry you have so much going on. I sure hope your mom gets feeling better and can go on her mission. Russia, is a wonderful place to serve and teach the gospel.

    As far as playing at the cemetery - I take my kids there all the time for picnics - so they can eat and visit with their brother Nathan. I find it quite joyous and in my mind I imagine those who reside there love to hear the laughter of children.

  2. Your mom will be in my prayers for sure! Love you guys!

  3. Congratulations on the success with the concert. So sorry to hear about your mom...we will add her to our family prayers! Peter is soooo big and adorable :) Suggestion on a a race for the summer..."Bloodrun 5K" It is a fundraiser for the Utah Hemophilia Association. My nephew is a hemophiliac. Although, you may not always feel like it you are a light and an inspiration to so many...THANK YOU!

  4. I'll be praying for your mom. My own mom has had diverticulitis several times, but never had to have the surgery, although once they came close. I'm sorry your mother has not responded to the antibiotics.

    Hope all is well soon.


  5. Oh My goodness Molly, Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
    Look at your sweet peter so big and adorable!

  6. Send prayers for your mom, and for you. That 'time of year' is fast approaching for you... You can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you... Did Paul say that? Anyway, it's true. It doesn't mean it won't be excruciating but it will come and go and you will carry on. And Peter will grow and so will your family, but you'll never forget your first and you always carry her in your heart. What wonderful lessons and blessings this will all bring to you!!!

  7. I can sure see Lucy in Peter's face in this picture. She is definitely shining through - look at his eyes and his smile. Wow!

    I'm sorry to hear your mom is struggling with her health. She will be in my prayers.

  8. So sorry to hear about your mom, we will keep her in our prayers. That is a scary thing to go thorugh, for them and for you.

    Also, sorrya about not being pregnant. :( I know you guys have been trying for a little while, I hope you will be blessed with another little one soon.

  9. Oh I am sooo sorry about your Mom's health. It's difficult for everyone going through it. You are in my prayers.

    Peter is a doll. Absolutely gorgeous little boy. You two have such beautiful children :)

  10. I'm so very sorry about your mom; I hope with all my heart she recovers quickly. And I'm glad you are mostly happy despite the stress and sadness you're dealing with--I really admire how you can let your emotions co-exist, accepting the messy contradictory nature of being human. You're amazing...and I feel like I tell you that every time I comment but it's true so deal with it.

  11. I will be praying for you and your family. Just hang in there. All will be okay.

  12. So sorry about your mom. Peter is way too cute! I signed up to run in the Ogden half marathon as a way for me to do something new and very hard and then I broke my ankle. I am not allowed to run for five more months. I don't know how it works, but you could take my place. For free! It's May 21st I believe. Let me know if your interested. :)

  13. Deanna,

    YES, YES, YES!! And I'm so sorry about your ankle. That sounds horribly painful.

    Email me and let's work out the details. That would be so great! I was wondering how I was going to pay for my next race. Money has been tighter than I'd like to think about. What a great gift! And its the day before Lucy's "graduation/angel" day. I'm going to start my serious training TOMORROW.

  14. Molly,

    Sending prayers of comfort & peace to you and your family and special healing prayers to your sweet mother. You're awesome. *HUGS*

  15. I feel silly for leaving comments like I know you so well. But I feel like I do! I'm so sorry to read about your mom. Mom's are never allowed to get sick. I'm training for a race too. Running is great therapy! I'm so happy the Ogden one will work out for you! You'll love it. It's beautiful. And I'm also hoping for you to get prego quick! That is a hard stress to deal with. Dang periods.

  16. Your poor mom! So sorry. Hope she gets better soon!!

    (And half marathon in Ogden? So dang cool. We should run a marathon one day! It's on my bucket list after reading Born to Run!)

  17. So sorry to hear about your mom. It is a scary time. I hope that she heals quickly and that your parents are still able to serve a mission. She will be in my prayers. Good luck with all the business it sounds like you are up to lately. I wish you all the best in getting pregnant. And finding the strength to cut Peter's hair :)

  18. I'm so sorry about your Mom. I'll be praying for her, you, and the rest of your familiy. I know I haven't seen you in ages and we never got to know each other too well, but if you ever need a babysitter I am down here in Sandy and would love to help out. Finn loves having other kids to play with, so keep it in mind if you ever need someone. Again... keeping you in my thoughts.


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