What we Did in the Climate God Intended

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
I can't stop thinking about our recent trip to San Diego/Orange County/Coronado Island. Confession: I didn't know Coronado existed. And the iconic landmark, the Hotel Del Coronado, is where "Some Like It Hot" was filmed, and I confess I have never seen that movie either.

We enjoyed EVERY SECOND of this vacation. 

Highlights for public viewing include:

 Dining at a darling coffee shop Valentine's Morning. Each section of the bar had its own miniature jukebox. While we enjoyed our delicious breakfast, my ears were perked to hear the two songs Vic chose for me. 
Due to some scandalous events that took place earlier on the trip, Vic picked, "I Think We're Alone Now". It might be our new song.
Building sandcastles on the beach outside "The Del".

Biking around the entire island.

Posing in doorways.

The Wild Animal Park--Two Cents: I DO NOT RECOMMEND going there.

Sunset walks on the beach.

Birthday dinner at delicious Mexican dives in Encinitas. (Do you see the light between us? We had two photos taken of us, one right after the other, and this second one had the little Tinkerbell light on my shoulder). I ache for Lucy on my birthday.

The city of Dana Point.

Eating great food everyday that I didn't have to cook or clean up after.

Hours of reading on the beach.


We also enjoyed time at Balboa Park, meeting up with my dear friend Daniel Woods and his beautiful wife, long runs on the beach, a very sweet and sorrowful funeral of a four year-old girl whose mother I connected with online, (more on this later) drives along the coast, spending time with Julia Barker and fam, and the freedom to think and do without the ball and chain of my almost 2-yr. old. It was a very FULL trip that I would gladly repeat. Minus the tragedy of my friend's loss. Oh, those early days of grief.
You know, this was our first trip since Lucy died that we weren't in horrific pain. As an added gift, we felt very peaceful about leaving Peter in the care of both sets of grandparents and close friends. We are so grateful to them. 
We also owe a huge amount of thanks to Claude and June Hicken for their condo on Coronado. What a TREAT. 

I felt like a real human being on this trip. Recently, I've realized that my brain is starting to work again after almost three years. No, really. I can remember things better, think more clearly, retain information, and process things 'normally'. My brain was literally broken for so long after losing Lucy. Not to mention the repercussions of giving birth 11 months later.

Vic and I also realized that we do best when we are in 'action' mode. Our absolute funnest day was when we woke up early, ran about 3 or 4 miles on the beach, walked 1.5 miles to pick up our bikes, biked around the island, walked the 1.5 miles back to drop off the bikes, and went kayaking a few hours later in La Jolla Cove. It was incredible. Would we be good candidates for "The Amazing Race"? Oh...the thought makes me giddy.

I was thrilled to return home and see this little face again:


  1. Isn't So Cal great? A cousin of mine got married at the Hotel Del Coronado. Beautiful, and the most $$$ wedding I have ever been to!

    Oh, and sorry about the Wild Animal Park. I believe any local would recommend the San Diego Zoo over the Wild Animal Park. Much better.

  2. It looks so relaxing!!! I wish I could convince my hubby that sunny and warm is better than snowy and cold, but alas, no. And, it is also good to hear that maybe, just maybe I will get my mind back. I keep thinking, it has been over a year, shouldn't I be "better"? Thanks for helping me understand I am just normal!
    Jan Taylor

  3. What a fantastic vacation! I'm count myself blessed to have married a SoCal boy. Whenever you catch up on your Hotel-Del-in-the-movies, be sure to include "Some Like It Hot." So. Very. Funny.

    Then watch "Connie & Carla" as a follow-up. And let me know what you think!

  4. "Do you see the light between us?"

    Yes. Yes I do. :)

  5. How glorious it all sounds (save the funeral, but I'm sure she was blessed to have you there)! I did see Lucy, err, I mean, the light between you... And I can see that Peter did well. I'm so glad you had this time together. I hope it comes to you again sooner than later! be well...

  6. I didn't know about Coronado Island either, until we were in San Diego for the first time a year ago. Loved it. Loved Balboa Park, too.

    Love flickers of light in photographs.

    I so wish I could attend your concert, to meet you, and hear you and the others sing. I'm sure it will be a great success. I think my little fam is headed down south that day so I can run in a half marathon I haven't really trained for. Oops.

  7. We have been renting on Beach Road at Dana Point for over 25 years. It is beautiful! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip.

  8. I love how you described your brain as broken. I think I still feel a little like that, but especially did for awhile after Cameron died. I love Coronado. My Grandma lives there in an amazing house and we visit often. Actually that picture of Vic and you on the beach in front of the Dell is about where Ben proposed to me....fun times!

  9. Your trip looks lovely... and I must admit that I am a bit jealous.

    I have been to Balboa Island... on a business trip to California... unfortunately my hubby wasn't there. I need to make that trip again with him.

    He end up on business trips now and we look forward to these places together... I need to go when he goes now that I don't work (officially anyway).


  10. hooray for Claude & June! They are my great aunt & uncle-my family stayed there earlier this year and had the BEST time. love the connections!

    I adore that picture of you & Vic with the tinkerbell light. I'm sure she was there!

  11. Oh Peter... that's not safe for your body!! Yikes~ Always a meme... The trip looks fabulous! Love all the pictures and I remember visiting the animal park and having the same two cents about it! I especially love the orb picture... Lucy is always with you!

  12. LOVED seeing you. SOOOO beyond happy you had a great trip- you deserve it my friend. Come back soon eh?....."scandals on the beach"....I know what u talkin' bout!! Happy freakin' birthday! It will be our secret ;)
    LOVE YOU! xoxo

  13. my husband wants us to do the Amazing Race soooooooo bad! I think we would be the couple that bickers the whole time :)

  14. I know that I am a complete stranger to you, but I got to following your blog from someone else.

    Just wanted to let you in on a little secret. Somewhere In Time was not filmed at the Hotel Del Coronado. It was filmed at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan. To this day it is still a full functioning hotel.

    However, your other friend was correct. Some Like It Hot was filmed in Coronado.

  15. First, where did you get the striped shirt? I want one. Second, I want to come to the concert but I'm on bedrest. Lame sauce. Third, come to Spanish Fork so we can do lunch. That's all.


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