Special Thanks--You Name It

Sunday, March 27, 2011
How do I thank everyone who helped with the concert? If I had a million dollars...

You must know that it all revolved around Jo. Jo is the man. Jo Anderson. He owns and operates a sound company called "Andersound". He also happens to be married to Cherie Call. And he also happens to be a very old family friend. I've known him since I was 12. The date he was available to make us sound good, was the date we were having our concert. He worked his tail off setting up, downloading, sound balancing, running cables, you name it. HE MADE THE SHOW WHAT IT WAS! GO JO!!! He made us sound so good! I have fond memories of Jo from our days in Showtime at Ricks College as well as doing lights at Sundance. We may have gotten into a few knee-scraping accidents while rollerblading around Provo in the wee hours of the night too...

But I digress.

A former roommate of mine from Los Angeles, Ms. Jessica Bean, did the poster and program design. Could you die? She is incredible. She has worked in the design business in Hollywood for years. Movie posters, professional athleletic team logos, E News, you  name it. She made us look so good! I love my Jessica Bean. She came to the beach after Vic proposed (at my father's request) to take photos of us after he popped the question. She will forever be a special part of my life.

Imagine these cut in half. Top photo is the front of the program, and bottom photo is the back.

Then there are all the singers. THE SINGERS! I had friends tell me they expected the concert to be...good. Decent. Nice. But they were BLOWN AWAY. And all I kept thinking as I sat in the audience was, "I don't just know these people, I LOVE them. They are my friends. And MAAAAAN, they can SING!"

If everyone's lives are as busy and crazy as mine, I know what a sacrifice it was for them to be there.

Let's talk about my dad who did a wonderful job as the Emcee. He was poignent, articulate, to the point, professional, warm, personable...perfect.

My parents separated for a year not too long after Vic and I got married. It was a difficult time for my whole family. Jo Anderson, mentioned above, sent my dad a copy of Cherie's song, "Family Tree." At my request, Cherie sang that song for the concert. My dad and I sat in the audience holding hands and crying. A friend of mine keeps telling me something about myself. This is what he keeps saying: "You are so open and vulnerable. You say what you are thinking and people can get close to you and open up to you. You aren't afraid to bear your heart. You aren't ashamed of who you are. I THINK YOU LEARNED THAT FROM YOUR DAD."

Listening to Cherie sing that song while I held my father's hand, at a concert in memory of my deceased daughter, raising money to help other families...is a moment burned into my soul. It could be said that was the pinnacle of my life's experience thus far.  It was precious and powerful beyond description.

Can we also talk about Kate Bowman Norris? Oh, she just finished designing the St. Regis in Deer Valley. Not a big deal. And she happens to also be a friend from my L.A. days who now lives in Park City. YES. She brought fabric, table lines, glassware, fresh flowers, and worked her magic! What would I have done without her? And the little black number I was wearing that night--custom tailored by Kate. She can sew, design, build, you  name it!

Jay McGregor. Also a Showtime friend. (my dad directed a performing group at Ricks College--now BYU Idaho, called Showtime Company. VERY similar to Young Ambassadors at BYU, if you've heard of them). Jay agreed to do the lights TWO DAYS before the concert. He had us twinkling, sparkling, eyes glowing, you name it. He did it.

You know how the evening was professionally filmed? That would be Ryan Jensen. I met Ryan and his cute wife (and talented writer!), Megan, while serving in the Spanish Branch in Park City. Yes, he donated his time and use of his equipment to capture it all on film. And then upload and edit it all to Youtube. REALLY? Yes...people are this good!!

I mentioned my friend Michelle Newman, who runs Shelly Geller Photography. She got some great shots of the evening! I can't wait to share more of them with you as they come rolling in.

And who provided all that delicious food for all the people who stayed and mingled after the concert? That would be John Flint. And can I tell you about the stage at the theatre? It is rarely used for performances like this. It needs to be used more! It is a FANTASTIC venue. Call Jen Taresevich about booking the Murray Theatre. Seriously. Parties, weddings (how COOL would it be to have a wedding at a historic theatre!)...Anyway, the point is, the back wall of the stage has no scrim. That meant we had to cover the ugliness with something. Of course Kate Norris just happened to have a ginormous roll of some beautiful fabric sitting around (she is LITERALLY a walking Martha Stewart). And of course, while John was dropping of all the food, he just whipped something together. (Umm....by "whipped" I mean blood, sweat, and tears). The angle the camera was filming doesn't capture how great it looked. You are getting a sneak peak at backstage when you watch the footage. :)

The kicker with all of this, in regards to John, is that he DIDN'T COME TO THE CONCERT because he was BABYSITTING PETER for us. True. Friendship. WHO DOES THAT??

Alena's MAD skills at the piano (a former college roommate and pianist for Showtime and Young Ambassadors--her parents condo is where we stayed recently in Coronado...and she is a ROCK STAR on the piano). She can play classical, jazz, Broadway--YOU NAME IT!!

My BEAUTIFUL sis-in-law Peggy, who volunteered (I may have pressured her a little) to take tickets in the lobby. My 17 yr-old friend from PC, Makayla Rassmuson who also handled money and tickets. And the friends who helped with clean up.  People...Do you understand what a group effort this was? It was way beyond me.

I am still trying to sort through so many things since the concert. (Like a flooded basement). This organization has taken A LOT of work. I will keep it going, but I am going to need to make a few changes. I'll let you know soon all about them. (Or at least, my thoughts about them).


  1. It must have been a GREAT concert if I can get emotional just watching the videos!

    So glad it went well for you, Molly. And what wonderful friends to have helped you make it all happen.


  2. Thank you for sharing these video's I could listen to all the performers over and over. Infact if you ever make a CD of them I'd love to get a copy it was such a memorable night for our family. Your dad mentioned that he was trying to get you to put a committee together to help with next year and if you do I'd love to be able to help in any way I can.
    Love You, Vic, Lucy & Peter

  3. Awesome. I am so impressed when people pull their energy together to create something amazing. Well done Molly and Vic, Lucy and Peter!

  4. The concert was amazing, and I'm so grateful you, and all your amazing friends, put it on!

  5. Looks like an incredible night! I'm anxiously waiting to hear your song....

  6. Thanks for posting these, it was awesome to watch the videos--what.a.night!! You pulled together such a stellar group of friends, for an evening of hope and remembrance.

    Well done Molly, Vic, Lucy, Peter, & all of the friends who added their talents and time!

  7. You guys, I'm SO excited for you all!! This is huge. Im so glad it was a success and everything went well!! Great job!!!

  8. That was a great night, Molly. I'm glad to have helped, but that was really a great concert to attend. I look forward to participating more in the future!


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