Stuffed to the Rafters

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My computer is totally full. Every inch of space is stuffed to the rafters with photos and videos. Even my back-up drive is full. I cannot download and save one single photo. This is a problem. I really want to share my photos from our recent trip to Southern California. Coronado Island was a dream. A DREAM!

I'm pretty computer illiterate. I barely know enough computereese to squeak by and wouldn't be able to maintain my blog and website without the help from friends. Also, let's talk about how I do all my blogging, comment moderation, EVERYTHING from an old desktop Dell computer. No laptop has ever had the privilege of being owned by me. I think this needs to change soon. However, we are in need of a new car sooner than later. And that new camera I wanted? Didn't happen. I decided to use the money on a trip instead. Which I don't regret.

What am I saying here?

I'm saying we had a marvelous time in California.
I'm saying I need to figure out how to clear up space on my computer.
I'm saying I want a laptop.
I'm saying I'm so stuffed with stuff that its giving me constipation of the brain. Adjusting back to real life after our trip has not been easy for me.

Life--its time for a detox.

Remember how you were madly in love as newlyweds? Before kids came along? And losing a child came along? And unemployment, and employment, and mortgages, and bills, and insomnia, and the magnified mirror of all your faults and weaknesses that marriage provides? Remember?
I remembered on this trip. I remembered how much fun I have with Vic and how in love with him I am.

Want a man's perspective?Check out the latest post on A Good Grief. Really beautiful.


  1. you look gorgeous in that picture! I always throw money at MEMORIES and vacations over STUFF...because you can take them with you:)

    So glad you had a break and a wonderful time!

  2. My husband and I just went on a little vaca. . . it wasn't like your warm Cali trip. . . it was a cold Cascade, ID trip, but still it is good to remember why we love our husbands and that we really do want to spend eternity with them.
    And. . . that picture of the two of you is FANTASTIC!

  3. I've said it already--but I love this pic of you two. You are stunning, Molly!!

    I'm so glad you had a blast on your vacay! Every couple needs more of this. If not an entire trip, at least some quiet down time together or consistent date nights. We've only gone on two dates in the last six months!! Insane.

    Can't wait to see pics. Clear some of those pics of your hard drive & add them to an external. :)

  4. There is a company called that we use to back up all our photos and videos. They are cheap and it might free up some space for you :)

  5. I love your hair Molly! What a great pic! Glad you had fun on your trip :)


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