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Monday, February 21, 2011


My dear friend, Brittany, lost her son and was the first to the hospital after my son passed away, besides my family of course. She gave me a hug I would never forget. She was there for me and continues to still be. She helped me find the angel blog and has helped me in my grieving process. She understands and she loves me. Through this connection; I found the Jackson's Blog.

I continue to read the Jackson's blog because of Molly. She inspires me, lifts me, and expresses much of the same feelings I have. I lost my first son. She lost her first daughter. We became what felt like newlyweds again-unwillingly. I love to read her blog because she validates my feelings! She also makes me laugh and you can feel Lucy's spirit through hers. I pray you can feel Kaden's spirit through mine. I am grateful for all she has taught me and continues to teach me.

After I lost my son, I had so much fear of getting pregnant again. My first was born at 24 weeks because of fluke complications during my pregnancy. He was a little fighter at 1 pound 14 ounces. He beat many odds and was able to come home with us at approximately 4 months old. Spending nearly 7 weeks at home he started requiring more oxygen. His little heart was stressed from working so hard to breathe. Although, he was gaining weight and looked fairly healthy for a Preemie. He had to be readmitted to the PICU because he had pulmonary hypertension. It was more than his weak body could handle.

When I got pregnant the second time I feared it would all happen again and I would just be a complete train wreck. Molly's little peter and her love and healing that has come from having another child inspired me. I wanted that. She helped me overcome much of my fear although, it was definitely still there. I got pregnant again and there were some similar complications but I was able to have a full term pregnancy! I have all the stretch marks under the sun to prove it; yet I am so grateful. I have another son. One whom will never replace my first but has helped me feel like a mother again and part of all this I give Molly credit for helping me realize Love can overcome Fear!


*Thank you, Jacquie. This brought tears to my eyes. My readers and my family and friends are who taught ME that love can overcome fear. That includes you.


  1. Beautiful connections. Thank you for sharing your story, Jacquie. I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. I think these connections are what keep us all going. It's so nice not to be alone. Molly, I LOVE the new name and look and I love meeting your readers.

  3. Jacquie's sister in law is one of my bestfriends. small world I tell ya.. I was happy to see her as your monday reader girlie.
    I attended her sweet Kaden's funeral just weeks after we had buried Kyndal.
    Maybe heaven is a small world too...

  4. The link to the Fife's is broken. What a beautiful story.


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