Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Friday, February 18, 2011
Worth every second of your time.


  1. Molly,
    I just loved this, Thank you! This vulnerablity that she speaks of is a quality I see in you and in the way you have grieved for your dear sweet Lucy, and I am amazed by it, by you and Vic. I have been in awe of how you have handled what is to me one of the most trying experiences of this mortal life. Thank you again.

  2. You know how sometimes you ask questions of life and most of the time they aren't answered or they're answered in subtle, hidden ways, but every once in a while the perfect answer comes along at the perfect time like it was made just for you? That's what this video is to me today. I can't even articulate how thankful I am that you shared this. Thank you.

  3. Loved this Molly. And would have to agree that you exemplify this vulnerability, which is why you are loved by so many, many who don't even know you. Hope you're doing well.

  4. Loved this video and her message - and immediately watched a few more of her presentations - thanks for sharing!

  5. youre right molly.
    thanks for sharing.

    and. just for the record... you are one of those wholehearted people.

  6. This clip has been following me around the internet for a few weeks. Maybe the universe trying to tell me something...I did get around to watching it tonight.

    Thank you so much for posting it. This is exactly what I needed to hear tonight.


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