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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Well, friends. I'm back in business. Small tweaks will be made to the new blog look, but overall, this is it. It was a long and stressful process, mostly for my e-visiting teacher who helped design it, but I am pleased. After going back and forth on the title, the design, the wording, the sizing, etc, etc, we found something that works for us. Sadly, I will not be using the title "Second Star" that Megan so brilliantly suggested. I wanted it to work, but for a few reasons, I chose "Hope Smiling Brightly". I'm sure there will be varying opinions on all of this, but I'm glad I found something that works for me. And what it looks like isn't so much important anyway, as is the content. I'm hoping you'll find something worthwhile to hang around for.

For now, I'd like to share some of the photos from our recent trip to San Diego. If you are ever in the area,  you must try out Beach Shoot San Diego. Incredible!

HOWEVER, I would not recommend doing a photo shoot in a wetsuit. With nothing on underneath but bikini bottoms.

Just a thought.


Please don't forget the upcoming concert on March 17th. It is really going to be INCREDIBLE. Incredible. It might be the best night of entertainment you have all year. I'm going to fill you in on more details this week--and give you the option to purchase tickets online. Please come! Tell one and all. 

On a side note, and along the lines of getting things off my chest (as referenced earlier). Sometimes I look over at how many "blog followers" I have. I assume I have as many readers as I have 'followers'. I've been told this isn't true. In any case, it is always a little stab in my heart when I see one less follower. Not because my goal is to have a popular blog with loads of followers, but because I worry I have offended someone. Do they not like that I have ads on my blog? Do they think I've become a sell-out? (If they only knew how much time it takes to keep up this blog and my website...for a paltry sum). Are they bored with my story? Have I lost my writing abilities? My nose is too big. I knew it. But really, it concerns me.Oh, well. What can you do or drag a board? I shall carry on.


  1. I will make not of the bikini bottoms and wetsuit. Ouch! But the pictures look like you had some fun!

  2. Shameless indeed. I LOVE it. Unbiasedly, I also love this new look.

    My only disappointment is that you didn't pose for a picture doing the splits in your wetsuit. I'm probably going to stop following you now because of this offense...

  3. Jayna,

    My goodness! What was I thinking??? Seriously, what. was. I. thinking? All beach experiences of mine must involve photos of me in the splits. Pregnant or not.

  4. I am a reader who never "followed," so I just did.

    But FYI, I had you on my Google Reader for years so I suppose there are others like me who aren't being counted!

    Adorable pictures - don't want to think about what I would look like in a wet suit.

  5. Well I'm probably going to stop following you because you're a mom and you look like that in a wetsuit. Unfair and wrong.

    Buuuut your new layout is really pretty so I guess I'll stick around. I LOVE the design, and I hate to admit it, but your title works better than the one I suggested. Well played, madam.

    I always feel like my favorite bloggers should have wayyy MORE ads on their blogs. Blogging is hard work; you deserve some compensation.

  6. Ok Molly--the new design is fabulous! I love it, although I also did like the 2nd star reference. You can use it for something else now! :)

    I know your blogging is hard work & takes time, good for you for figuring out the balance & what you need.

    ALSO I love the beach photos & that you met up with such a fun couple!! I can't wait to see more from your trip--so glad you two were able to get away and really just have fun the two of you.

    Welcome home! :)

  7. Nice look, Molly...the blog AND the wetsuit.


  8. i always read :)
    and i love the new blog look/name.

  9. I love the whole beach photo shoot idea... I think you are such a darling couple.

    I can see you have sitemeter... and blogger offers stats but I have noticed that you have to be logged in for the stats to show up in blogger correctly.

    I love reading your blog... because it is real.

    The hope.smiling.brightly works for me... I do think of that LDS humor though... a lady named Hope was leading the music one Sunday and she was past her due date... and everybody burst out laughing when they sang... there is Hope smiling brightly before us... and we know that deliverance is nigh. Tehehehe. *Ü*

    Without hope and smiles/laughter this could be a crummy world.

    Thanks for your inspiration Miss Molly.


  10. You are hope. You're story is hope. Perfect blog title! Thank you for all you write!
    ps totally shameless and I love it :)

  11. You just got another follower...

    I've been "blog-stalking" you for quite a while now-since last summer I believe. I've been SO touched by your story and how you have continued on with your sweet Lucy in your heart. Thank you for your strength, and also for your honesty on days when you don't feel so strong. It's empowering to those of us who read. We see you and think maybe we can hang in there with our trials, too.

    Thank you, Molly, for being such a bright, vibrant ray of hope in this sometimes-dismal world.

    You. are. amazing. :)

  12. Beautiful photos!! Love seeing you both together on the beach knowing that was the scene of some early dates!!! Praying for your marriage always and happy to see God's blessing on your time together.

    Love the new blog design!! Get all the ads you can and want, I'll still keep reading. This is one of the only blogs I check regularly (obsessively?) but I don't officially "follow" because I don't know how to do any of that, I'm not on facebook, I don't twitter and I'm basically a homebody nerd. But I do check and read every single day so keep it up Molly! :)

  13. I Love the new look and the new title!I can't wait for the concert and am excited to get my tickets ASAP. We're bring as many family members and friends as we can round up. We hope we're able to help another family receive a gift as great as ours.
    Your vacation photos are great, what a fun thing to do.
    Question about the ads, do you like having them on your blog. I've been thinking about getting some and I'm not sure if it's something I want to do or not. What's your input? Oh and I really love the circle photos!

  14. I love these pictures on the beach in wet suits! Its so fun! So is Beach shoot a company that will take pictures while you frolic on the beach? They're pretty cool, I recommend framing a couple.

  15. I have just added myself as an official follower.
    I too have been reading your blog for a few years now.
    I love how real you are. Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful story.

  16. It's so true about the blog followers. I don't "follow" any blogs, but I read lots, including yours of course. I think I only have 3 "followers" on mine, but I know many more read it. It's just a personal thing as to whether you want to spend the time to keep up with all the official blog "following" or just read as you can and when you want to. I seriously doubt you've ever offended anyone. You're sweet to worry that you even have. Carry on my dear. You're doing a fabulous job, as you always have.

  17. oh yeah, and you do look HOT in that wet suit!! glad you had a truly wonderful vacation.

  18. You both look good in wet suits! Professional pictures! It looks like fun too! Wish I had asked more about it when I saw you last week!

  19. Wendy, you are kind. We both look about 10-15 pounds heavier in those suckers.

  20. Molly, here's something a friend told me: you can go on your google reader and when you've clicked on a blog, click on view details on the top right. It will tell you how many people subcribe to your blog. There's bound to be HUNDREDS more subscribers than followers.

    And cool kayaking photos. Wish someone would have invited us. We would have loved to go to San Diego. :)

  21. I love your blog and I like the new design. I do find it hard to read the gray on the bright white though. I wonder if there could be more contrast for the text...

  22. Molly here is my story and it is one of lazy voyuerism :-). Honestly, sometimes I am just to lazy to sing up, sign in, sign at all. But that is never a reflection of how much I enjoy your words. I am a pediatric oncology nurse and your page is such a gift to grieving parents. Plus you make me giggle and Peter is so delish I wish he came in chocolate. Please know that your Lucy is remembered for the angelic, blue eyed, curly, wisp of a dream she is...may your heart one day know a true healing that comes not form forgetting darling Lucy, but rather from finding a way for loss, pain and joy to coexist. Luckily our God knew we would need this...this of course is why he made the heart so elastic so as to accommodate so many feelings all at once.

  23. Christine,

    Thanks for the input! I'm going to look into changing this. I definitely need people to be able to read/see the text!

    Auntie Mip--i loved your comment.

    I have really loved and needed all these comments. Thank you.

  24. love the pointed that is the Molly I know! Those photos look great and oh how I would love to be on a beach RIGHT NOW. I hope the winter wraps up soon for you in PC, but I know from experience that you will still have a handful more winter snowfalls. At least you got a break from it on your trip. Love ya!


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