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Monday, February 28, 2011
My name is Aarean (like Arial but with an "N" on the end). I am a new mother of a 3 month old baby girl...I am a wife to my highshool sweetheart...I am a graduate of BYU with a creative advertising/graphic design degree, I am the second out of five girls and wouldn't have it any other way, growing up with four sisters has taught be that your siblings really can be your best friends...Let's see, I started reading your blog...hmm, back when I worked at the university so about 1 1/2 years ago. I somehow was blog hopping and found yours. The picture of Lucy that was on your sidebar sort of caught my eye. It said "angel Lucy". So I read on. I remember I was sitting in my cubicle...oh gosh I hated that to pass time I started reading your blog...I read every post back to the whole accident. I couldn't tear away from it. I was crying. My heart ached for you, I put myself in your shoes and I couldn't even fathom. I tried to put myself in one of your friends shoes as to what I would have said, or what I would want someone to do if I were you. It would be having a friend sit with me in silence, no words, just someone there to cry with me or just be with me...there is so much strength in a simple presence.

I had a brother pass away from complications at birth, before I was born. I never did meet him. Someday though I look forward to that reunion. However, I remember my mother saying that it was funny, the things people would say. Like, "it was meant to be" or "things happen for a reason". She told me she resented the people who said that. She really hated that. So I NEVER say that to people when a tragedy happens b/c I know I wouldn't want to hear someone say that to isn't comforting at all. My mom did say that her friends that just were there, to just listen and be THERE in the moment without words of advice were the greatest treasures to her. So I think that is why I have never written a comment on your blog when you post about Lucy, I just don't exactly know how to put words together that seem even remotely important enough to convey my message. But I thank you Molly, for sharing such an experience with so many. I admire your strength and beauty. You have made me want to be a better mother, wife and person.

I can honestly say that I'd been missing out on the true meaning of this life until the moment I brought another life into this world. I really do sit and stare at her, obsessing over every little grin, twitch, or coo. She is part of me, and I am apart of her. Children have that effect. As they should, they are true blessings. And I thank you for making me appreciate and realize that even more. 

On another note, you are hilarious. And who doesn't love to laugh? So with that said thanks for your blog. Its a joy to read and it makes me happy!

Aarean J.

*Come to find out, Aarean is an insanely talented designer who started LadittaDesgin. You must visit her site HERE to see her work. She completely inspired the design look for my blog.


  1. I'm loving meeting your readers. How do we make a submission? I think you've mentioned how, but with your new (very awesome) blog, I can't find it. THANKS!

  2. I love the new blog look... it is very calming... and what could be more positive than hope.smiling.brightly?

    Very nice meeting you Aarean and seeing what a talented lady you are.


  3. thanks molly! :-) so glad i made it on your blog! ha what an honor!


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